International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters
Gendai Reiki Healing Association
Effective as of January 1, 2023

The International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters have been set forth by Hiroshi Doi, the founder of Gendai Reiki Ho and representative of Gendai Reiki Healing Association (GRHA), to improve the morals, dignity, and ethics of Gendai Reiki Masters and to support Gendai Reiki Masters who are teaching Gendai Reiki Ho correctly.

All Gendai Reiki Masters must abide by the regulations listed below.

– Official Gendai Reiki Manuals

(1) The official manuals are offered in Japanese, English, Spanish, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Romanian, and Italian, and the contents are identical in all languages. As proof that Reiki originated in Japan, the cover of the official manuals in each language features the 5-7 Paulownia Seal, the symbol of the nation of Japan.

(2) In Japan, the official Japanese manuals must be purchased from Hiroshi Doi, the Gendai Reiki Healing Association representative. Overseas, the official manuals in all languages, including Japanese, must be purchased from distributors authorized by Gendai Reiki Network (hereinafter GRN). The official manuals are only sold by authorized distributors. Please refer to the GRN website for a list of authorized distributors.

(3) Gendai Reiki Masters must always use the latest official manuals. The latest Japanese manuals are available from the Gendai Reiki Healing Association, and international manuals are available from authorized distributors worldwide.

(4) The official manuals may only be purchased for use in a face-to-face seminar by those who have become Gendai Reiki Masters by attending a face-to-face seminar using the official manuals.

(5) Seminars using materials other than the official manuals or falsified materials are not considered Gendai Reiki seminars, and the trainees themselves and all subsequent trainees are not certified as Gendai Reiki Practitioners or Gendai Reiki Masters.

(6) Gendai Reiki Masters who are using older manuals must immediately switch to the latest official manuals. If you continue to use the older manuals after recognizing the International Common Standards, you are prohibited from using the names Gendai Reiki Ho, Gendai Reiki, 現代霊気法、 現代レイキ、現代霊気、or any other name bearing the name Gendai Reiki.

(7) Falsifying or copying the official manual is strictly prohibited.

(8) Giving or showing the official manual to anyone other than students is strictly prohibited.

(9) Introduction and Level I build an important foundation of Gendai Reiki Ho for beginners. These two official manuals must be purchased and taught together to understand Gendai Reiki Ho better.

(10) A Gendai Reiki Master must submit a copy of their master certificate, training lineage, and signed Manual Handling Agreement to a distributor when purchasing the official manual for the first time.

(11) Translation of the official manuals:

➢ Unauthorized translation of the official manuals is strictly prohibited.

➢ If you are interested in translating the official manuals into your language, please contact

GRN. The translation may begin after the translation contract with GRN is signed.

Gendai Reiki Ho Seminar

(1) A Gendai Reiki Master must use the latest official manuals when offering a seminar. A seminar using unauthorized materials is not recognized as a Gendai Reiki seminar. If a lineage includes a master who teaches using unauthorized materials, that person and all subsequent trainees are not certified as Gendai Reiki Masters.

(2) A distant/online seminar and distant/online attunement are strictly prohibited. A person who receives a distant or online seminar or attunement is not certified as a Gendai Reiki Master or Practitioner. If a master who conducts a distant or online seminar is included in the lineage, that master and all subsequent trainees will not be certified as a Gendai Reiki Master. In the original Japanese Usui Reiki, Reiki begins with a hand-placement treatment to reach Anshin Ritsumei through spiritual enhancement. Distant attunements do not belong to Mikao Usui Sensei’s philosophy. We must pass down the pure Reiki energy with Usui Sensei’s philosophy correctly; therefore, distant or online seminars and attunements are strictly prohibited in Gendai Reiki.

(3) Do not change Gendai Reiki Ho Attunement methods Each Gendai Reiki Ho Attunement contains the philosophy and conscious vibrations of Mikao Usui Sensei. Adding any other philosophy or method from different Reiki systems diminishes the purity of the energy. Pay special attention to the first attunement in Level I since it will build an important foundation for a trainee’s spiritual development in the advanced levels.

(4) Do not share Gendai Reiki attunements, Gendai Reiju technique, and various exercises with anyone other than seminar participants. Teach the exercises only to those who have reached the corresponding level, explaining the procedures, correct recognition, and utilization of the exercises.

(5) The Gendai Reiki Ho Symbols must not be disclosed or shown to those who have not attained the appropriate levels.

(6) A Gendai Reiki Master must give your trainee a certificate and correct training lineage in writing after your seminar. The certificate must state that Gendai Reiki Ho has been taught to the trainee. The energy lineage must begin with Mikao Usui Sensei and list all the masters to your trainee correctly.

(7) Avoid listing “Gendai Reiki Master” and “Usui Reiki Master” together, as it may lead to a misunderstanding that Gendai Reiki Ho and Usui Reiki Ryoho are different.

A name of a Gendai Reiki Ho school or an organization

A Gendai Reiki Master may decide on a school or an organization name at their discretion. If a Gendai Reiki Master group or an individual chooses to bear the name of a region or country, they must obtain the consent of all Gendai Reiki Masters and groups in that region or country. Please discuss the matter in good faith, avoiding friction and conflict.

The International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters shall be revised as needed.

Hiroshi Doi, Representative, Gendai Reiki Healing Association

Nonprofit Organization Gendai Reiki Network