living as a Master
Live Your Divinity
Adamus Saint Germain
Transmitted by Geoffrey Hoppe & Linda Hoppe
Chapter 5 – Living as a Master

The next step is a difficult one to explain, but it is about really connecting you with you. It’s difficult to explain because explanation tends to make it mental, but I know every one of you have had an experience of making that connection, that deep integration, that feeling that you’re really getting back in touch with yourself.

You can’t read about it in books. You can’t study it. You can only give yourself the choice of experiencing it. You can give yourself the choice of experiencing the deep connection within yourself, and then it will happen, probably not when or where you think it will happen—in other words, you can’t plan it or make it happen—but it will happen.

You’ll have such a sense of who you really are, a depth of who you are. At that precious moment, take a good deep breath and absolutely feel it. When you feel that connection, you’re going to begin to understand the real meaning of Mastery. You’re not going to try to manipulate energies anymore. You’re not going to try to think about it; it will just happen.

However, you’re going to have to step up to the plate and start making clear choices about what you want, and not be afraid to do it. You’ll have to focus on what it is you want. Dear friends, you don’t have to tolerate that anymore. Energetically, you don’t have to tolerate things you don’t want anymore.

Now some of you say, “Well, isn’t that just life? Isn’t bad traffic just a part of life? Isn’t it just part of living?” Absolutely not. If you have that kind of attitude, then things are going to happen that are beyond you. You have to start getting very, very clear with yourself and your choices.

Let’s get practical and go beyond airy-fairy. I don’t really like to hear you say, “It’s just meant to be.” Hell no. Absolutely not. No! “Isn’t this really some design of the universe for my higher good that I don’t understand?” Absolutely not. That is disempowered thinking rather than creative living of Mastery.

You say, “But there are all of these circumstances right now that I have no control over. They’re just happening.” Go beyond that. Rise above it. Start creating—for yourself. Don’t create for others. That’s not Mastery; that’s manipulation. Create what you choose for you.

You might feel awkward in making clear choices for you because you’re all very nice people. You don’t like doing anything that intrudes on anyone else. You don’t like asking for too much. You don’t like making anybody else feel bad— and you don’t have to—but sometimes you get into the belief system that if you want something for yourself, maybe it’s going to deprive somebody else. Not at all, not if you’re asking for yourself. What happens is their energies start rearranging according to you, but it’s their choice. You’re not making them do anything.

Sometimes you’re reluctant to make those clear choices because you’re afraid you might fail—and you might, at first. When you get into true Mastery and creating your reality, you’re still going to have some residue of old energy and old belief systems. You’re still going to have this odd energy of “no point” that you’re at, and it’s going to be a bit clumsy. But then you start catching on and it just starts happening.

You realize you’re not taking away from anyone else; you’re actually helping them in so many ways. You realize that energy has always been there to serve you but you’ve been avoiding it, maybe because of lack of self-worth, maybe some old vow. Who knows what the reason is, but you’re going to start learning that energy is there to serve you, and it flows. It is so easy.

You don’t have to tolerate difficulty and challenge and pain and lack or anything else anymore. You are the Master of your own life. You don’t have to force anything; it just starts to happen. It starts to flow. And when it does, you get out of this “no point” that you’re at right now—no point of life, no point of being here, no point of consciousness that you can relate to—and then it starts moving and flowing. It’s very graceful. It spirals and expands, and it’s fun. It’s amazing.

Then you’re going to say, “I take back what I said about this being my last lifetime on Earth. This is fun.”