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You attract what you are, and what you think you are. If you struggle to have enough money is because you are sending out the wrong message into the Universe; change the message and you will start witnessing incredible financial abundance in your life. The most significant reason for not having enough money does not lie in our lack of educational qualifications, luck or fate. It lies within us. Not having enough money is the direct result of deep-rooted beliefs about lack in your subconscious mind. Your brain does not distinguish between real and imaginary; what you imagine, you become. If you only see ‘lack of abundance’ in your everyday life, that will become your predominant state. Your thinking will send out the message ‘I do not have enough’, and the Law of Attraction will be activated, you will attract more lack of money because according to this Law, Like Attracts Like.

It is YOUR RIGHT that you should desire to be rich! Yes and it is a thought because:-


You do not have to work hard all day to enjoy financial abundance. You can work smart instead and still attract financial abundance and prosperity. Here are a few tips that could help you get into abundance mode and invite financial prosperity into your life.

DisEMPOWERing Beliefs About Money

Limiting beliefs are those which constrain and limit us in some way. Self-limiting beliefs can have the potential to negatively impact upon you achieving your full potential. Beliefs are conditioned perceptions that are built upon old memories of pain and pleasure. These memories are based on how we have interpreted and emotionalised our experiences over time. Beliefs are the foundations of your EXPECTATIONS. These expectations help you to better understand yourself, to better understand others, and to better understand the world around you.  If your expectations unstable, everything that you will be building on these foundations will be unstable. Therefore it is very important that you start by understanding what negative beliefs you have about money.

Try the following exercise: Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs. Read the list below and spot any limiting beliefs that you are aware may be limiting you right now. These beliefs may be part of what you normally SAY and THINK; you could also have one of these beliefs if you react to somebody else that is expressing them. An example may be mentally judging a person on the street because it appears to be wealthy.

Here is the list:

  • I am no good with money
  • Money is dirty
  • I hate my job, but it pays the mortgage/the bills/the rent etc…
  • I do not deserve this …. (object/course/treat for myself)
  • I will never be rich
  • Working hard is the only way to earn lots of money
  • I would not want to have/don’t need lots of money
  • I will never get out of this situation
  • I will never win the lottery
  • There are people who need money a lot more than I do
  • I am too old to try something new/to be successful
  • If I haven’t been successful by now, I never will be
  • I never have money
  • I will die poor
  • I need money to make money
  • Everything happens to me
  • People don’t like me
  • There is always somebody else who needs more money than me
  • Money does not make me happy
  • I do not need money to live a happy and joyful life
  • Money stresses me out
  • Rich people are greedy/corrupt
  • Anything more than £______ is too much for me
  • Rich people live an unhappy life
  • I am too busy to think about making money
  • I have this …..(problem….., so I can’t start something new
  • If I can make £_______ I will be happy
  • I’ll start tomorrow, I have lots of time

How many limiting beliefs you have discovered about yourself? Make a note. Also sit down and spend a few minutes writing down additional limiting beliefs that you have noticed. Don’t worry too much if you have a long list, the first step in TRANFORMING your beliefs is to be AWARE of what these are.

11 Ways To Manifest Money With Reiki


Change The Way You Think About Money – start by identifying your limiting beliefs and change them. If you usually say “Money stresses me out” catch yourself saying it/thinking it and replace it with “Money is a source of joy for me”. Other examples: “Money is dirty” replace it with “Money is pure and abundant”. “I do not deserve to be rich” replace with “I deserve financial abundance and personal fulfilment “. Write all your limiting beliefs on a piece of paper, place it between your hand, connect to the Reiki Source and ask that Reiki heals these beliefs in your subconscious mind.


Affirmations – affirmations are one of the most powerful tools you can use to change limiting beliefs about money. You can either use affirmations that have been already written for you or come up with your own. Use only affirmations that feel right for you. Write them down in your journal every morning upon waking and every night before going to bed. Some examples: “Abundance flows freely into me”, “I deserve lots of money”, “I give myself permission to experience financial and personal abundance”, “I love paying my bills”, “Making lots of money is good and fun”, “I love making money”, “People love to give me money”. Have any of these statements made you uncomfortable? Do not use it but make a note; it may be an indication that there is some deep-rooted belief that needs to be reviewed. Write down the positive affirmations on a piece of paper and hold it between your hands your Reiki self-treatment. Ask the Reiki to send these positive affirmations to your subconscious mind and being integrated in your daily life.


Reiki Symbols – Reiki is an intelligent and conscious energy that works for your highest good. Applying Reiki with the Law of Attraction creates a wonderful cocktail for success! Do you feel that Reiki and Money should not be mixed together? Ask yourself: why not?. Again, there may be other negative and limiting belief hidden somewhere in your subconscious mind. That’s absolutely fine, just be open to explore the possibility of going deeper and expanding your potential. Students are attuned to 3 Reiki symbols during the Reiki level 2 training; these are: the Power Symbol, the Emotional/Mental Symbol and the Distant Symbol. If you are a Holy Fire Reiki Master, you will be able to use the Usui Master and Holy Fire Reiki Master Symbols.


Reiki Money Box– A Reiki box is a magical and sacred box in which you put all your good intentions about money and then you give Reiki to the box. To heal your money issues, write affirmations, limiting beliefs and intention slips with appropriate symbols, place them in the Reiki box and send Reiki to the box daily. You can write your own affirmations or select positive affirmations from those above.


Gratitute List – positive psychology research outlined inHarvard Health Publications shows that “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.” This simple act helps people not only feel more positive but also improve their health, handle adversity, and build strong relationships — even on your worst day. In the morning and before going to bed, write a list of 10 things you are grateful for. Use a journal just for this exercise and make it simple. You can start with everything you take for granted: “I drink clean water”, “I can walk”, “I can see”, “I am breathing”, “I am a good person”, “I have a place to eat”, “Someone cares for me”, “I have food on my plate”, “I have a job”. If, for example, you do not have a job, you probably have lots of time that you can use to look for a job for yourself: “I have time for myself”, “I have a brain that I can use to find the best job for me”, “I have time to revalue my priorities”. Use the Reiki Symbols.


Reiki Crystal Grid You can have 6 crystals in a circle or on Sacred Geometry and an additional crystal in the centre of the circle. Place a piece of paper under the crystal in the centre; you can write your limiting beliefs and/or positive affirmations. Send Reiki to the crystal grid intending that the beliefs are removed and that there are replaced with positive affirmations listed in the paper. Use the Distant Symbol so that the Reiki Crystal Grid will continue sending Reiki also when you are not consciously working with it.

Reiki Crystal Grid
Reiki Crystal Grid


Heal Your Finances With Reiki – You can hold your wallet between your hands and give Reiki with set intentions or affirmations. Of course, you can empower this with Reiki Symbols. You can give Reiki to coins and place them in your house. You can write positive affirmations and keep this list in your pocket or inside your wallet.


Use Fire and Reiki To Heal Your Fears And Limiting Beliefs About Money – in order for positive beliefs to support you in living the abundant and fulfilling life you deserve, you have to truly believe them, not just mentally, but emotionally as well on a subconscious level. Write your limiting beliefs on paper, ask Reiki to release the energy of these beliefs from you, then burn it. Fire is always useful to purify and release.


Visualise & Imagine Infinite Abundance – Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Use the power of your imagination to create and manifest who you want to become. You can sit in meditation and visualise the version of yourself that you want to become: if you want to be rich, imagine the life you want, the things you want, the people you want around you. Imagine everything in every detail. Ask Reiki to empower this visualisation and use the Distant Symbol to send Reiki to the future. Do this exercise before going to sleep and fall asleep while imaging it.


Money MUST Circulate – Money is valuable as long as it is being used. It just becomes worthless when it is left unused in a drawer or box. If you do find a Penny on the street, do not ignore it, pick it up. Use it for something else, give it away. Visualise yourself giving and receiving money, and doing it freely and happily. When you pay for something at the till, be grateful in your mind to have money that can be used to pay for things. When you receive a bill in the post, say thank you. Send Reiki every time you do that. If you feel resistance, use the Distant Symbols and the Emotional/Mental Symbol to send Reiki to the origin of that resistance.


Reiki Seeds – The Earth has the power to grow everything that is planted. Write a list of things that you want to grow in your life, including money, good health, better relationships etc. Make sure that you draw the Reiki Symbols. Place little soil and a few seeds (whatever plant you want to grow) on the piece of paper, make the soil moist with some water, then wrap it up in a nice little parcel. Reiki the parcel with Reiki and the Distant Symbols (and any other symbols you feel drawn to use). Dig a little hole in a pot/soil and bury the parcel in it. As the plant grows, use water that has been energised with Reiki and give Reiki to the plant.

Rags to Riches – An Inspirational Success Story

Starting out, things weren’t so easy for Branson. In an interview with CNN Money, the Mogul explained “I was seen as the dumbest person at school,”he said,“The idea that I could be successful didn’t dawn on me.” As a kid, Branson struggled with dyslexia, which affected his performance at school. His grades suffered, but his passionate nature grew.

At 15, Branson started a magazine called “Student” because he “wanted to edit a magazine,” and noticed that there were no national publications produced by students, for students. The magazine didn’t end up being a very profitable venture for him. However, he did make a bit of profit selling mail-order discount records with ads he placed in the magazine’s classifieds. Shortly afterward, Richard Branson opened his first record store, which branched into a record label shortly afterward.

Virgin Records went on to become one of the most iconic and well-loved record stores of all time. The record company eventually grew into The Virgin Brand, which now employs over 70,000 people.

Over time, Branson created 12 different billion-dollar businesses and was named one of the most influential people in the world in 2007. As of 2017, his net worth was over $5.1 billion.

The concepts discussed in this article are only a few useful ideas to grow rich and abundant – there are so many ways you can begin to use if you are to enjoy the benefits that may be derived by simply allowing this power to flow freely through you. Remember that, regardless of how the results of your life may presently appear to you, IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO BE RICH!

Giancarlo is a qualified Usui/Holy Fire III, Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Counsellor and Regression Therapist. He is a member of UK Healers, The UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Giancarlo currently teaches courses and workshops in the UK and overseas and also runs a private practice in London. He also works at Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead, London, where he provides Reiki treatments to people living with a terminal illness.

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