Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma 2024/2025
Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma 2024/2025

The Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma Course takes place in-person in London, United Kingdom and runs every year, starting in October. 

This one-year accredited Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma combines Japanese and western Reiki, metaphysical principles and esoteric traditions to provide an integrated perspective on wellbeing, health and healing.

The course is designed to empower Reiki students to develop through personal growth, self-development and reflection. It offers the potential for periods of pause to enable self-reflection and consists of different modules to facilitate the emotional and spiritual development of the student.

Those who complete the course will be competent to practice Reiki autonomous professional practitioners in all settings i.e. private practice, in organisations and care homes including NHS establishments.

Becoming a Professional Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a safe, gentle, and relaxing healing method which can be learned and used easily by anyone. You may choose to learn Reiki for your own personal use – it is a great tool to use for relaxation and healing for yourself, and your friends and family; or you may wish to train to become a qualified reiki practitioner.

CNHC quality Mark

To work as an effective Professional Reiki Practitioner, we must be able to heal ourselves. Integral to this Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma course is a comprehensive self-healing and personal-growth programme. This course provides a safe container within which you are encouraged to explore inner experiences.

  • Receive the CNHC quality mark: The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is recognised by the NHS, GP surgeries, professional bodies, and some private healthcare companies as being of a high standard and quality assured.
  • Apply for roles in the NHS, hospices, health centres: You can apply to work with the NHS and other medical institutions that may require applicants to be verified.
  • Group Supervision: 4 group supervision sessions delivered online.
  • Mentoring/Support: Throughout the entire training the teacher is available for guidance support.
  • Improved Credibility: The public will have a higher level of trust in you because you have been verified by a government organisation as complying with the highest standards of professional practice and code of ethics.
  • Branding: You can use the CNHC quality mark on your marketing material and website as proof that you are a verified practitioner.
  • Professionalism: All courses are offered teaching to the Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards for Reiki.
  • International: you can choose to study across countries and to attend one or more modules in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
  • Reduced fee for 1-2-1 supervision sessions and individual consultations available to Diploma students for the whole duration of their studies.
Course duration

The Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma Course runs in London, United Kingdom, for a total of 8 days (Saturdays & Sundays) from 9.30am-5.30 pm over a one-year period. It also includes three online group supervision sessions.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for the Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma Course.

A Reiki insurance is not an essential requirement to be on the course, but it is a requirement when applying for membership of the UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

You can read more information about content, dates, and fees of the Professional Reiki Practitioner Diploma in this page.