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Did you know that you can get yourself healed sitting right in the comfort of your home? I didn’t either but then I came to know about Reiki and how its exceptional energy-healing effects can uplift your mood and get you out of stress so easily! Seems fishy? You won’t after realizing that Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that is not affiliated with any kind of religion, faith, or suggestion. The important point is that you don’t have to believe in it to feel or experience the after-effects of a reiki session. The effects are solely being in a state of relaxation, calmness, and free of any kind of stress, be it physical, mental, or emotional.

Origin of Reiki and definition

The term Reiki originated from the Japanese culture, meaning (Rei) Universal Life and (Ki) Energy. Reiki Energy in itself has been studied for more than a thousand years and it’s not a newfound practice by any chance. Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar, and doctor has been given the credit for rediscovering the root system, now referred to as Reiki. His many traditions and methods have been passed down to grandmasters and teachers of Reiki and have since been used for over one hundred years. Known for his interest in medicine, psychology, and theology during his education period, he wanted to create a technique that could enable people to heal themselves and others through the help of their hands and the very fact that this practice is related to no faith or religion makes it accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to try no matter what they believe in.

According to IARP [International Association of Reiki Professionals], Reiki is a beautiful healing art offering beneficial, calming, balancing, and stress-reducing effects.

Why Reiki for self-healing? How has it transformed lives?

The art form that is chiefly based on the concept of providing healing through hands has proven to be very effective and there has been nothing short of examples to showcase the potency it entails.

Giancarlo Serra, a master reiki practitioner who has been teaching Reiki for more than ten years shared how he came across this phenomenon because of an illness and how it transformed into him being a Level 3 master practitioner today and has enabled him into providing several kinds of healing services to people overseas and around London.

“I had a physical problem which was related to painful wrists and which was later diagnosed as a repetitive strain. I went through the usual channel of going to the doctors and medics and no one seemed to help me. I kept receiving advice to just take pills and paracetamol and everything would be okay but it wasn’t, eventually, I was a bit tired of the whole situation and I went to see a few therapists and healers, they introduced me to some concepts, that were quite new to me and I found it interesting and that’s how I came across Reiki while also studying at the College of Psychic Studies in London and fast forward years later I am now certified Level 3 practitioner and teacher. Basically, my Illness led me to find new ways to deal with my own problems.”

“Illness kind of led me to find new ways to deal with my own problems”

When asked why Reiki resonates so much with self-healing, he replied that it’s the visual aspects of reiki that amaze him the most. “The awareness that there is something that goes beyond our physical bodies, energy, a vibration. You can call it god, you can call it divine presence, you can call it your consciousness. Reiki really helps when you’re connected with your own self rather than when you’re not so much in tune with your being”.

“You can call it god, you can call it divine presence, you can call it your consciousness”

Healing Hands? “The Reiki Touch”

Reiki can be performed in either of two ways, by lightly touching a body part or just above the body. The universal life force of energy is released through one’s hand and

Arwa Guruji, a reiki practitioner from India says she prefers to practice off-hand reiki with her clients during a session but it all really depends on the person’s comfort. A Reiki practitioner’s main aim is to provide you with a sense of complete relaxation and peace of mind.

When asked how she would describe the feeling when she’s just finished with a session, it would be Clean.

“ You know that feeling you get right after a long warm shower, getting rid of all the dirt, this is how I would describe the feeling I experience after a reiki session, it’s like releasing all kinds of toxins from your body”.

A self-aid for people during a lockdown?

The year 2020 has been a tough one for everyone. The feelings of distress, anxiety, and panic are something we all have gone through. Not knowing for certain what the future holds can give rise to depression and negative thoughts. This is where Reiki gave a rise to people to get over the many possibilities of getting under pressure and balance their energy.

Arwa started her practice in March 2020 when she felt like she had nothing left to do and her thoughts were constantly taking the wrong turn. After a lot of reading and researching, she did a Level 1 course and started noticing the difference in her life instantly.

Meanwhile, Giancarlo shares some experiences he had with some of his regulars. He explains what reiki actually does is awakens you and provides you with a number of solutions to your problems. It’s not a pill that can instantly erase your pain but it challenges you to reconnect with your wise self and take responsibility for your actions.

He shared how some of his clients told him their life is much better now than it was before the pandemic.

I think practicing Reiki definitely rejuvenates your soul and helps you stay grounded staying kind, and rooted to your own self and it has no side effects!!

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