Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Awakening: What Is It?

Are you going through a spiritual awakening and experiencing unusual symptoms?

Maybe you are wondering what your symptoms mean, if they’re normal and how long they might last?

A spiritual awakening is a process of becoming aware of the true nature of the self and reality. It is a time or experience individuals have when they transition from being aware of only the physical reality and awaken to something more.

Spiritual awakening is a slow, gradual process. It occurs when a person becomes aware that their existence transcends the confines of the “I” (or the ego). As you experience spiritual awakening, you’ll begin to understand that nothing external can bring you true happiness.

Going through a spiritual awakening is often one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating, but also supremely beautiful experiences in life. The awakening process can be confusing and unnerving at times – especially when the body seems to be playing catch-up with what has been seen.

The unsettling and equally beautiful thing about spiritual awakenings is that they occur at the least expected times. There is no way you can plan for them. Your body will react differently to the next person’s and it also depends which stage of spiritual awakening you are at.

We’re living through a great transitional period where individuals and humanity as a whole are beginning to awaken to a higher level of consciousness. During this transition, especially during times of accelerated change and surges of high vibrational light frequency, you may experience certain ascension symptoms as your mind, body, emotions, and energetic structures transform to embody higher consciousness.

As a result of spiritual awakening, you will start questioning the way you live, your habits, your beliefs and wonder what the purpose of your life is and why you’re on Earth.

You will feel compelled to take a deeper look at the fundamental nature of life. Your consciousness and mental framework and perception of reality will begin to shift.

And as such, a spiritual awakening marks the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path. Going through the process will allow you, eventually, to live a happier, more meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Why Does Spiritual Awakening Happen?

A spiritual awakening is a natural way for your soul to evolve and mature. So, it is a necessary part of your expansion. The more you connect to your soul, whether by accident or on purpose, the more you’ll shift your mental framework and experience fundamental changes and transformations.

There’s no way to plan spiritual awakenings. They simply lurch into your life, shaking up everything you believe in and perceive as reality. However, they can also be triggered by traumatic events.

Indeed, a number of things both external (triggers) and internal can activate the spiritual awakening process, including:

– Life-threatening illnesses

– Car accidents

– Divorce

– Death of a loved one

– Midlife crisis

– Meeting a special person, reading a special book, or hearing a certain expression that particularly resonates with your inner self during a difficult time of your life.

– World Events (WWI, WWII, 9/11, Global Pandemic Covid-19)

Yet, spiritual awakenings are not always triggered and can also be spontaneously initiated by your consciousness when you are ready to let go of what no longer serves you anymore.

While you may feel fearful or intimidated by this process, getting to know the spiritual awakening symptoms and signs will raise your awareness of your soul transformation.

Which of these symptoms are you experiencing?

Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

(NOTE – The symptoms listed below may often have other explanations, for example an underlying illness or a mental health condition. Seek medical advice if you need to).

Physical Symptoms

– Spiritual awakening often manifests as various body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. These often recur in the same area of the body (sometimes we may be processing past life pain).

You notice flashes of light around you. These may be signs that clairvoyant abilities are opening.

Changes in appetite and eating habits – you may find you are suddenly much hungrier, craving sugar, protein, or unusual foods. Sudden aversion to drinking alcohol, eating meat, or unnatural substances, or less need to eat at all. You may also find an aversion to foods with pesticides and chemicals in it. It is very typical for people to become vegetarians and vegans through this journey for a couple of reasons. The first one is connected to another symptom- creating a strong connection with animals. The second is we become extremely sensitive to our energy and can feel the energy of the animals we eat. So, if an animal suffered or felt fear, our body can then feel the energy pulling us down so we naturally gravitate to eating plant-based food.

Pressure on scalp and neck  – This is due to the opening of the crown chakra as our mind and body are adapting to other realms. When our body aligns with itself and opens up to other levels it can be a little uncomfortable on the top of our heads where we feel the sensitivity of awakening.

Feelings of loneliness even when in the company of others. You may feel alone and removed from others. 

Exhaustion and fatigue – feeling drained and depleted like you have got nothing left.

Becoming sensitive to energy – Some of these symptoms continue as we follow our journey. We become very aware of taking care of ourselves the best way we can and giving our body exactly what it needs. We become very connected to everyone around us and see the love within them all.

Vibrations within the physical body – Some describe the feeling of physically vibrating. When experiencing this it feels calm and peaceful, so it is nothing to be afraid of and chances are, it will only happen whilst the body is adjusting. The reason we can feel this is because our body is finally connecting to all its powerful energy and is adjusting to it.

Changes in sleeping patterns – You need more sleep than before, you feel tired when waking up. Periods of lethargy and fatigue. This is a time of integration, so give into it. You can also wake up many times during the night, or experience panic attacks when you wake up. At other times, you can also on the contrary experience episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action.

Ringing in the ears or feeling frequency changes (see brow chakra or 3d eye).

Physical sensitivity – sensitive to light or noise, sudden intolerance to foods or products.

Emotional Symptoms

Emotional sensitivity – extreme highs or extreme lows, wild or erratic mood swings, unexplained depression, or sudden waves of emotion.

Anxiety or fear that can’t be soothed.

– Crying for no apparent reason.

– You are no longer afraid to be on your own and you may feel compelled to spend time alone.

Feeling extremely overwhelmed – even when there seems to be no reason for it

Triggering – when something creates an powerful emotional response in your that is intense, abrupt and unshakable (usually seemingly for no apparent reason).

Becoming more introverted or sensitive – craving more time alone.

You want to get to know yourself better – You are always working to better understand who you are as a person. You know there is a lot going on and there is a lot still for you to do but it is not holding you back. You are soul-searching like never before.

Empathy that is so sensitive and compassionate that it can be painful to feel others feelings so deeply. You start to notice more feelings of discomfort when around others who are speaking negatively – a sign your empathic skills are increasing.

> Read about the Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra.

Energetic/Psychic Symptoms

– Energetic sensitivity – picking up on energies or feelings from people, places, or things. Feeling overwhelmed by your own energy or from the energy of others around you.

You may begin to hear voices – this is also known as clairaudience – the psychic ability to hear Spiritual Realms.

You may start seeing orbs.

Manifestations start to happen much more frequently – you wish for something, and soon, evidence of its implementation appears faster.

Unusual sensations – tingling, tickly feelings, buzzing or prickling, shivers or shaking.

Increased psychic or intuitive abilities – senses, visions, knowing, hearing or even seeing.

Intense dreams – You are literally releasing the old energy within, and these energies of the past are often symbolized as wars, running to escape and boogiemen.

Communications with spirit, Creator, guides or ascended masters, angels or even ET beings

Past life memories or current life issues rising to the surface to be released and healed.

You notice more vivid and brilliant colours now – such as in flowers, leaves, and the sky – another sign your clairvoyance is expanding.

Soul Symptoms

Feeling drawn to metaphysics or spirituality – healing, religion, Reiki, meditation, practices etc. You begin to see through the societal illusions.

Healing Crisis.

Synchronicity – seeing number patterns, peculiar coincidences, meaningful signs, or symbolism.

Lack of interest in negative vibrations or interests, loss of interest in old friendships, places, or behaviours.

– Experience frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

– Knowing that something has changed within you or your life, even if you cannot explain what.

Aversion to superficial, fake, or inauthentic people, places, or things.

– A loss of interest in judging self .

– Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything.

A loss of ability to worry, a loss of interest in conflict and in judging others.

Feeling of disconnection with the close ones – When you begin to grow up within yourself, maturity hits and you start to drift away from some people. The reason can be that people do not grow at the same speed and everyone has a unique journey in life. So, it is futile to think that everyone would take up the same road.

Some people stay with you for a brief period but every relationship teaches you something. So, when that lesson is learned, the relationship ends.

Over time you find that the universe is sending new people into your life, people who are experiencing or have experienced similar things.  The connection is often quick and strong.  You feel drawn to them and sense that they are lifting you up, helping you to grow faster and deeper.

You feel the need to search for truth – You no longer feel the need to accept the lies that others spew. You want to see the truth and will not accept anything less than that. You hunt for it in more ways than most want to acknowledge.

The world looks like a chaotic and negative space – As you enter the stage of spiritual awakening, you start staying happy, peaceful, loving, and caring. The distance between humanity and consciousness increases.

– You find that you are less interested in small talk. Not only are you less and less interested in superficial talk and are looking for more meaningful conversations and deeper connections, but your tolerance to petty arguments is also decreasing. You want your time to be spent on positively charged exchanges with others.

– A deep yearning to find meaning in life, to help others, to fulfil a life purpose or soul mission.

– Powerful aversion to traditional work, the system, or having to work for money.

Confusion in life or inability to make decisions.

Impatience – perhaps you know something is supposed to happen and you feel you literally can’t wait for it, or you feel a soul call or life purpose that needs to be fulfilled. A feeling of time running out.

Strong connection to animals and nature – You don’t see animals as non-sensitive and non-intelligent beings. You have understood that they have feelings and consciousness, just as plants too. You feel a strong connexion to them and for some of you, you can even communicate with them (animals, trees, plants). Like I said in point N°13, it will become more and more difficult for you to keep eating animals. You will no longer be willing to participate in their massacre and torture by billions like it is the case today in our industrial countries. You now even want to raise the awareness about animals and the benefits of being vegan.

Awareness (or yearning) for soul mates, twin flames, or soul counterparts.

Geographical pulls – feeling drawn to a particular city or country, or finding that life ‘puts’ you there.

– Activities seem to be happening much faster than usual to you – you are getting a sense that time is shifting.

Feeling of Bliss – You feel a burn in your chest, of love towards life, of gratitude, of joy, of enthusiasm for no reason. You feel like you could not be happier than you are now, knowing what you now know. You get delighted by “nothing”.

You begin to search for the answer to the question, “Who am I ?”– Most ancient spiritual traditions and modern spiritual practices point to this one question:  Who am I?  As you awaken this question come to you more and more.  It’s a natural evolution to begin inquiring or meditating on it.  You must dig down through the layers of story, of expectations, of masks, of things that seem real but simply put, are not. You begin to have a strong desire to step away from illusion and know yourself as you truly are. You sense that if you can experience this truth, you will become one with the Divine.

Giancarlo works as a Healer, Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist. He runs Reiki courses in person and online. Read more.