back to basics
Back to Basics

There is something within us that makes each of us unique. It is our true nature.

I believe that we connect very naturally and deeply to our true nature when we are very young. Then, a result of conditioning, our true nature starts to be buried under several layers of protection.

We begin to lose sight of our true nature. If we speak in liner terms, we begin to loose sight of our path. We do things because we are ‘supposed to do them’, not because we are following our inner guidance.

Sooner or later our soul starts to signal that we have ‘gone down the wrong way’, it starts making various suggestions of things we can do to help ourselves, to connect back to our true nature.

The conditioning is so strong that maybe we sense there is something going on, but we often prefer not to listen. It is too tempting to stay in our comfort zone.

Soon these gentle suggestions become forceful demands. We start getting sick. We are now required to something about it, we are required to make changes in our lives, perhaps change diet, job, relationships, home, and/or mindset. It is our last calling.

Working with healing for the past 10 years taught me that things do not just ‘go away’ when we leave our physical bodies. All those unresolved challenges are carried over in future incarnations. So, the work we are doing in this incarnation is in fact an investment for our own future.

I remember when I was about 12yo I became very interested in the paranormal. My parents had bought me a series of little booklets that covered subjects such as hypnosis, paranormal activities, ghosts, meditation, UFOs, magic and so on. Typical teenager stuff you may say. I had no idea why I had such ‘weird’ interests, as many of my friends were mainly concerned with football. My parents thought (and probably hoped) that those weirds interests would just go away with time. Well, they didn’t.

Looking back, I was obviously connecting to my true nature, to my true calling in life.

Later on, when I was 18yo, I did what I was a supposed to do, what society and parents required me to do: I got a degree and got a job. So I got my degree in environmental engineering and got my first job. However, I was truly unhappy.

Moving forward, it is only when I was almost 40yo that that ‘weird interest’ came back. Interestingly, enough, as I witnessed many times happening in my life and with my clients, it was an illness that ‘guided me’ back to the right path. It was time to connect again with my true nature.

I started training as a healer and later on left my career as an engineer at 41yo. I then started working as a self-employed complementary health practitioner.

When I trained as a hypnotherapist it all made sense. I had forgotten about my ‘weird’ interests when I was 12yo. It was only after a few years that I was working as a hypnotherapist that I found those booklets in the loft. That is when I understood that there is magic in life, guidance is always there available to us, we just need to be curious enough to look for it, and brave enough to follow it.

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