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Reiki: Universal Life Energy

Reiki is a Japanese discipline that has its roots in ancient Buddhism and Shintoism. It is not a religion, but a holistic approach and spiritual practice that aims to bring the body, mind, and spirit of the practitioner and recipient into balance.

The Reiki practitioner uses different hand positioning techniques that facilitate the release of dense and congested energy, through the knowledge of the anatomy and energy conformation of the human being. The different hand positions are applied with a light touch on the receiver’s body. Physical contact is minimal and it’s not a massage.

The administration of energy to the recipient is generally called Reiki treatment.

The Reiki practitioner always has the duty to request the recipient’s permission for the use of physical contact. If the recipient does not consent and requests that there is no contact, the practitioner must always comply with the requests and proceed without any contact. Reiki, being energy, does not require any contact and the treatment will still be effective.

It is often mistakenly believed that Mikao Usui created Reiki, and that it is the system he developed. However, research by many dedicated people who have attempted to trace its origins has revealed that before Mikao Usui developed his style of Reiki, there were at least four other Reiki styles that were being practiced in Japan (William Lee Rand, Reiki: The Healing Touch).

Mikao Usui developed his healing system in 1922 and called it Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Reiki Healing Method). The school founded by Mikao Usui took the name of “Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai”. This school continues to teach Usui Reiki Ryoho in Japan today.

Reiki is practiced by millions of people around the world and there are over one hundred styles that have evolved from the system developed by Mikao Usui.

Definitions of Reiki

There are many definitions of Reiki, some very close to the original Japanese one, others more Western and esoteric.

Everything that exists in the Universe has Reiki. Reiki is the Universal energy, the source of all existence, the hado of love and the pure Light that comes from a higher dimension” – Usui Sensei

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words: Rei which means “Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life energy”. – International Center for Reiki Training.

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient through touch, to activate the patient’s body’s natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.” – UK Reiki Federation.

Reiki” is Japanese for “universal life energy,” a term used to describe a natural system that helps create an improved sense of well-being and a positive feeling of spiritual renewal. This tradition was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and has evolved thanks to his research, experience and dedication. It is a tradition that is open to any belief system, and the benefits can include deep relaxation and promoting a sense of well-being and peace.” – Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

An energy healer is one who has the ability to access and channel very powerful energy vibrations or frequencies that are available in the universe. Energy channeling is the process by which Reiki practitioners can facilitate energy vibrations to pass through them and be transmitted and into another person’s energy system.

Reiki utilises the human ability to consciously direct the flow of life energy, multidimensional energies, into the human body and its associated physical and spiritual energy systems, with the intent to manifest changes involving the body, mind, spirit of the recipient .

Anyone has the ability to channel energy. Some people develop this ability as children, others after an awakening that allows them to receive additional energy vibrations from the universe. Then there are those in whom the ability to channel Reiki is re-activated following an attunement.

Reiki treatment: how does it work?

The first Reiki session, also called initial consultation, generally lasts between 70 and 90 minutes, in order to have sufficient time to discuss the client’s current situation, their health, expectations and to answer questions concerning the content of the session.

The Reiki practitioner should always work with transparency and honesty, answering the client’s questions, curiosities and doubts. The initial consultation also provides an opportunity to clarify the fee requested by the practitioner for Reiki treatments and the times in which he/she can be contacted.

If the Reiki practitioner and client are satisfied with what has been discussed and agree to work together, then the first Reiki treatment can begin.

The Reiki practitioner explains to the client the progress of the session. Some Reiki practitioners work with background music, others prefer silence. Personally, I always let the customer decide. Strong odours such as perfumes, oils, essences, and deodorants should be limited. The environment in which the session takes place should be clean, welcoming, and with neutral furnishings possibly free of personal objects (family photos, toys, etc.), religious symbols that could offend the sensitivity of some people and colours that are too bright. The room temperature should be suitable for the needs of both the practitioner and the client.

Reiki treatments are generally practiced on the couch, even if a chair can be used especially in those cases where the client has difficulty lying down. They generally have a duration of 60-90 minutes, inclusive of initial (10 minutes) and final (5 minutes) conversation.

Reiki treatments do not involve the use of crystals, objects of divination (such as cards, tarot cards, runes), hand readings, horoscopes, reading of the akashic registers, except in those situations where:

  • The Reiki practitioner also possesses the qualification of the discipline that he wants to offer (for example crystal therapy)
  • In the initial consultation, the Reiki practitioner and the client have reached an agreement that includes sessions that integrate Reiki with other disciplines


The client contacts the Reiki practitioner to receive a Reiki treatment. During the initial consultation, or in subsequent sessions, the Reiki practitioner offers the client one or several sessions that integrate Reiki with the use of crystals on the body. The Reiki Practitioner makes it clear to the client that they are qualified in Crystal Therapy or similar qualifications. Furthermore, the Reiki practitioner must be transparent about any change in prices that an integrated session (Reiki and Crystal Therapy) could bring.

Reiki treatments in Cagliari

Whether you are on vacation or live in the beautiful island of Sardinia, it is always an opportunity to look after your wellbeing, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Face-to-face Reiki treatments are offered at the Associazione di Promozione Sociale MaeStr’Ale, Via San Lucifero 65 in Cagliari. They last 60-90 minutes for the initial consultation, and about 60 minutes for subsequent treatments.

The energy treatments are also offered remotely, in Italian and English.

For more information on Reiki treatments in Cagliari, click on the SESSIONS button below:

Would you like to learn Reiki?

The practice of Reiki is an original method of healing developed by Mikao Usui in Japan early in the 20th century. Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, meaning “Usui Reiki Healing Method Learning Society”, is the name of the society of Reiki Masters founded by Mikao Usui.

Gendai Reiki Ho is not a new Reiki system. It can be referred to as “original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho in the Gendai Reiki style,” as it allows people in modern society to learn and practice the original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho easily and comfortably.

Certification levels of Gendai Reiki Ho: 

Gendai Reiki Ho Shoden seminars are offered in person only.

Reiki classes are available in London and Cagliari, Italy.

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