Reiki Distant Healing Techniques
The Distant Symbol

The main function of the Distant symbol (HSZSN) is that is used to transcend time and space, thus  allowing you to send Reiki to distant places, to distant, to past lives and future lives and to ancestors and descendants.

It brings all time into the Now and all space in to the Here.  

The Distant symbol is also a highly effective energy tool during a treatment.  You can draw it over a chakra or over the receiver’s entire body.

When to use Distant symbol:

– Distance, automatic and multiple healing.

– Healing the imprints from emotionally charged experiences in the current life, past lives and future lives.

– Healing trauma and abuse in the past.  (Do not allow yourself or the client to associate into a memory that may result in re-traumatisation. Use Reiki to intend to heal the abuse and trauma while you hold the image of Distant symbol in your mind).

– Use it to send to clients who are on their way to see you.

– Completing unfinished business, forgiving self and others, releasing the past.

– Healing issues at the level of their root cause.

– Use it as a homing device – if you are not sure where to work on or where the cause of a problem is, then use the distance symbol to send Reiki to the cause of an issue.

Distant Symbol Technique

First of all choose a comfortable and quiet space as you would for a normal Reiki session. Then relax yourself, Ground yourself and connect to Reiki.

Check your energy and make sure that it is clear.

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> Give yourself Self-Healing for five minutes.

Use your intention to specify:  

– To whom or to what you are sending Reiki

– Where, location

– When (you may wish to send forwards or backwards in time or now).

2. You may wish to choose a symbol to represent a surrogate for the receiver such as a photo or an object (e.g. a teddy bear or a pillow or just the name written on a piece of paper etc).


Create an internal image of the receiver.  See, hear and feel in your mind to whom, what and where you want Reiki to go to.


You could also use both of these methods combined.

3. Set your intention to send Reiki for the receiver’s highest good.

4. Always state the stipulation that if the receiver chooses not to accept the Reiki that you are sending, then it shall go to somewhere else where needed and accepted, e.g. to Mother Earth.

5. Draw the Distant symbol either physically or intuitively to create the bridge across space and time between you and the receiver.

6. Send Reiki to the surrogate and/or to the internal image of the receiver and send Reiki symbols into the surrogate and/or into the internal image of the receiver. 

Use your intuition to choose which Reiki symbols to send and whether to send them once or several times during the process. If you use something like a teddy bear as a surrogate then you can even use then standard hand positions on the object during the session.

It is important to let go of any judgement about the receiver and his or her current condition as judgement separates.  Simply feel grateful in your heart for the healing that takes place as gratitude connects.

Take a minimum of five minutes to complete this step.

7. Draw the Distant symbol to complete the process and intend that that the bridge between you and the receiver dissolves. Ground yourself.

You can take as long as you like for the whole distance healing process from steps 1-7, but generally a minimum of 10 or 15 minutes is recommended.

Obviously, step 1 above gives you the chance to send Reiki to past or future events. Instead of stating that you will send Reiki now, state that it will be sent at a person’s birth, on their fifth or their fiftieth birthday or whenever is appropriate.

As well as distance healing for people (including yourself), you can also send distance healing to situations. You may choose to send Reiki to a situation you read about in the newspaper, an exam you are taking next week, or a world crisis, a war etc.

Simply use the same process suitably amended to include the situation instead of a person. Again, you are limited only by your imagination.

Healing at the Level of the Root Cause

Distance healing is the process of making Reiki available across space and time. One way of looking at that is that it happens through the infinite field of Rei, the Universal Consciousness. At the level of Rei, separation does not exist, but it is merely a projection of the mind in order to create individual experiences. 

Following the same logic, at the timeless level of Rei the root cause behind any condition or effect is still present and is therefore still open to change. The root cause is the subjective experience of an event that creates a significant emotional imprint. This imprint can lead to certain beliefs and associations, which then may influence our choices, and can lead to consequences such as emotional imbalance, disease, unhelpful habits etc. 

Healing at the level of the root cause heals the imprint and supports positive choices.  Remember not to request a specific outcome but your use your intention and trust that Reiki works for the highest good.

The Distance Healing symbol, HSZSN, is the key to accessing the level of the root causes.  The distance healing process will always bring about healing at that level if it is accepted by the receiver’s unconscious mind.  No conscious recall of the root cause event or any content about it is required so there is no danger of re-traumatisation.

People’s unconscious minds don’t always behave as we would expect them to, and of course all Reiki is for the Highest Good of the person so keep an open mind, a positive intention and allow Reiki to work. 

Distance Healing and hands-on healing at the same time

When you are working with a client it is very useful to include the distance healing process in the hands-on treatment.  You can allow your hands to rest in any of the hand positions for a while, and then just allow your mind to silently go through the distance healing process. 

Specify that the Reiki shall go to the root cause of the presented problem.  Then move through each step as outlined in the distance healing section, and use your imagination instead of your hands to draw and send the Distant symbol and the other symbols. 

When you get to step 6, imagine that the Reiki reaches deep into the client’s past and their cellular memory to heal the root cause.  You can do this in a symbolic fashion and imagine that Reiki travels as a beam of light back in time through your clients time track to the root cause of their condition.

Whether you see this as an image, feel this or simply know (accept) this does not matter.  Hold this image for a little while, then conclude with step 7 and continue with the hands-on treatment.

Using the same principle, you can of course also include distance healing in yourself treatments too.

Multiple Healing

You can use the distance healing process to send Reiki to any number of receivers and destinations in one go. (see also the Reiki Distance Healing Circle on page 27)

Surrogates or symbols that you can use for this could be a list with names; a photo album, a box with photos in it, an address book or even a memory stick etc

Or imagine a party or gathering with all the people you would like to send Reiki to being present in one room.  Then send Reiki fill the imaginary room, flowing into each one of them.

Once again, you can use your imagination to conjure up any simple scenario that will work for multiple healing.

Automatic Healing

You can use the distance healing process to send Reiki automatically. So that every time xyz happens Reiki is sent; e.g. every time you look into someone’s eyes they shall receive Reiki, or every time you talk to somebody over the telephone they shall receive Reiki etc.

Just use your intention and the distance healing symbol to set this up. For each recurring situation the automatic healing needs to be set up only once and will then be effective for the period of time that you have specified.

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