Congratulations and Manifestation

– Warning! This technique, like any other techniques, is not a magic wand. It does not suddenly make you rich, give you your ideal job or help you meet the partner of your dreams. If you use any technique with this intention (see below) you will be very disappointed.

However, if you really understand the true power of this technique/s, it can be of great help in your life.

– The technique is not as important as your internal state. The techniques are there to move into/to identify with the right state.

Intention, intention, intention. Check your intention when using this (and any technique). In fact, check your intention at the root of anything you do.

– If you use this technique in Cause-Effect (“I do this, becauase I want that‘ – “I call the angels to get me a parking space”), you will get results in cause-effect. You need to ‘move out’ the cause-effect construct in order to identify with the right state.

– We are states of consciousness pushed out, everything in this world, and all are contained within the individual.

Imagining creates reality. Your mind is a centre of Divine operation.

Assuming the feeling of the whish fullfilled. Feeling is the secret. Thought, feeling, and emotion are vibration. 

– Faith is faith in your Father – Faith in His power to externalise what I have done all in imagination.

Neville Goddard’s ‘Congratulations technique

This is an easy, very power technique and method to use for manifesting: the “Congratulations technique”.

You create a mental image of someone who would congratulate you if, they heard good news about you.

The imaginal act implies that you have achieved what you wanted and, you experience all of the emotions and feeling of that moment. Neville explains how the imaginal act creates reality and how this technique is tied to faith, biblical scriptures and principles.

1. First, So go somewhere comfortable and try not to get distracted or disturbed, lay down or sit somewhere that you feel safe and start relaxing.

2. Have a clear idea of hat you want. This phase is essential because you cannot create anything if you don’t have clarity about what you want.

3. Imagine that you have already fulfilled your dream. 

4. Imagine someone else – like a friend or a family member, congratulating you for it wholeheartedly. Make this exercise as realistic as possible, visualising your friend in great detail. You can even imagine how they shake your hand congratulating you, feeling their handshake at the same time; or you may imagine you are talking on the phone.

5. While imagining the person congratulating you, feel how the fulfilment of your goal.

6. Let it go. It is done

7. Do this before going to sleep to get even better results.

Let me give you an example:

If you wish to manifest your dream job, imagine someone congratulating you on your new job, as if you already got it.

While sitting or lying somewhere comfy, with closed eyes or simply in a relaxed state. Imagine the excitement of your friends, or relatives or even co-workers hugging you, smiling and saying “Congratulations” or “You did it!”

Just imagine it so vividly that you can actually hear their voices in your head congratulating you!

Feel the excitement that you would have had, if your dream job was real! How do you feel when someone congratulates you? Just feel it deeply! You can always add more details.

This technique can be used for yourself or anybody else that you care about and wish to have their desires fulfilled.

“I Did It. I Am Doing it. And I will continue to Do It Until That Which I Have Done Is Perfectly Externalized Within My World.

Neville and Abdullah

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