The 30 Day Test
Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret: The 30-day Test

Earl Nightingale was an American radio speaker and author, dealing mostly with the subjects of human character development, motivation, and meaningful existence. He was the author of The Strangest Secret, which has been described as “one of the great motivational books of all time“.

Earl Nightingale had been born in economically depressed times. As a child, because they were so poor, Earl desperately wanted to know why some people grew up to enjoy prosperity like others like his family, struggled merely to survive.

When Earl was thirty five years old, he wrote and recorded a motivational message that sold over one million copies and for which he received a gold record. Earl called the message ‘The Strangest Secret“. Because Earl Nightingale discovered the true meaning of the strangest secret, which determines the outcome of one’s life, he went from poverty to become one of the most highly recognised voices and names throughout the United States and from the West Indies to South Africa.

People around the world attribute The Strangest Secret as being the one message that has most positively affected their lives.

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal. If a man is working toward a predetermined goal, and knows where he is going, that man is a success. If he is not doing that, he is a failure.

Rollo May, the distinguished psychiatrist says in his book “Man’s search for himself”: The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. People acting like everyone else, without knowing why, without knowing where they are going.”

Earl Nightingale

The 30 Day Test

This is how Earl Nightingale describes the 30 Day test:

“You have nothing to lose by making this test, and everything you could possibly want to gain”.

“I want you to write on a card what it is you want more than anything else. It may be more money, perhaps you would like to double your income, or make a specific amount of money, it may be a beautiful home, it may be a success at your job, it may be a particular position in life, it could be a more harmonious family.”

“Write down on your card specifically what it is that you want. Make sure it’s a single goal and clearly defined.”

“You needn’t show it to anyone but carry it with you so that you can look it several times a day”.

“Think about it in a cheerful, relaxed, positive way each morning when you get up and immediately you have something to work for, something to get out of bed for, something to live for.”

“Look at it every chance you get during the day and just before going to bed at night. As you look at it, remember that YOU MUST BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, and since you are thinking about your goal, you realise that soon it will be yours. In fact, it’s yours really the moment you write it down, and begin to think about it.”

“Look at all the abundance around you as you go about your daily business; you have as much right to this abundance as any other living creature. It’s yours for the asking.”

“Stop thinking about what it is you fear. Each time a fearful or negative thought comes in your consciousness, replace it with a mental picture of your positive and worthwhile goal.”

“For thirty days you must take control of your mind, it will think only what you permitted to think.”

“Each day for this 30-day test do more than you have to do. In addition to maintaining a cheerful and positive outlook, give of yourself more than you’ve ever done before.”

“Do not concern yourself too much with how you are going to achieve your goal – leave that completely to a Power greater than yourself. All you have to do is knowing where you are going. The answers will come to you on their own accord.”

“Remember these words from the Sermon on the Mount, write them on the other side of the card keep them constantly before you this month of your test:”

“Ask And It Shall Be Given You”

“Seek And Ye Shall Find”

“Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You”

“If you should fail during your first 30 days, by that I mean suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by negative thoughts, you have got to start all over again from that point, and go thirty more days.”

“Don’t worry; worry brings fear, and fear is crippling”.

“Know that all you have to do is hold your goal before you. Everything else, will take care of itself.”

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Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret Audio MP3 – Part 1

Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret Audio MP3 – Part 1

Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret Audio MP3 – Part 2

Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret Audio MP3 – Part 2
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