How To Energise Water With Reiki
How To Energise Water With Reiki

The Human body is made up of 70% of water. Water is vital for all living beings.

Though it does not provide any calories plays a significant role in maintaining good health. We all have noticed that our energy gets depleted when we are thirsty.

Access to clean, safe water is crucial to physical wellness. You can maximise the benefits of hydration by creating energized water for your health and happiness. When positive, healing energy and focused intentions are added to the water, the benefits of proper hydration are expanded to the spiritual realm.

Dr Masaru Emoto claimed that human consciousness, emotional energies and vibration have an effect on the molecular structure of water. He observed that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts and pure prayers produced beautiful crystalline structures when frozen.

Water, a universal solvent, can absorb your intention and also could be energised with Reiki. As scientists believe that drinking water and brain functions are interrelated; it is better to drink Reiki water.

I have experienced significant results with Reiki Water and it worked wonders for me and my family.

How To Make Reiki water

– Wash your hands.

– Call your guides, do your Gassho meditation or Reiki prayer.

– Express your gratitude to Reiki and water.

– Rub your hands.

– Draw the CKR on each of your palm chakras and set a clear intention to purify the water.

– Draw the SHK and HSZSN symbols to connect with divine energies and the Master symbol (if you have received it).

– Draw the CKR again on each of palm chakras and set a clear intention to energise the water.

Now as our hands have been activated with Reiki symbols, we are ready to make Reiki water. The whole process is divided into three Parts: Purify, Charge and Empower.

– Take any drinking water/mineral water in a glass container.

– Purify the water by visualising or drawing the CKR on the water, setting a clear intention to purify the water.

– Draw another CKR symbol and charge it by setting a clear intention to energise the water.

– Draw or visualise the SHK symbol.

– Now we have to put our intention in the water and then empower it.

– The intention depends on the purpose of the water.

– Hold the water with both hands and put your intention by sending positive thoughts and best possible required outcome according to the need for a few minutes while giving Reiki to the water. You can also put affirmation and gratitude.

– Let the Reiki flow for a few minutes.

– Again charge the Water and Empower it with the Power Symbol – The Reiki water is ready.

– Seal and Protect the session with the CKR Master Symbol (if you are attuned to it).

Reiki Water Uses

– For general household use/family/relationship. I use switchwords accordingly.

– For healing tired eyes infuse the water with millions of symbol 2’s in green colour.

– In flower pots.

– Water fountain

– Sprayed in rooms to remove the negativity.

– Can be used wherever you use the normal water.

– I have also given it to my child to drink during exams and have experienced wonderful results.

Always give infinite Gratitude to Reiki and just surrender yourself to the loving Universal Life Force Energy – you will notice the difference.

When clean water is energised, it may improve your experience of joy, happiness, and vitality through positive energy and focused intentions. This water nourishes the spirit as deeply as it quenches the physiological needs. As the elixir of life, energized water brings infinite benefits.

Do You Know That You Can Energise Your Shower With Reiki?

1. Draw or imagine the power symbol (CKR) in the air.

2. Start the flow of Reiki and imagine creating a ball of energy around the CKR.

3. Draw or imagine the SHK (emotional healing symbol) creating some “stamps” on the energy ball.

4. Put a HSZSN inside, affirming or intending that the flow of Reiki continue to energise the ball for as long as it’s needed.

5. Now start pushing the energy ball slowly towards the shower head, so that the shower head is inside it.

6. Seal the ball to the shower head with the Cho Ku Rei symbol, intending or affirming that the energy is passed to the water.

7. Set a clear intention that the water cleanses and energises your physical body and energy firled.

8. Turn on the water and enjoy.

This should not only make your shower more refreshing, but also give your aura quite a cleansing.

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