The Creative Power In Man - The Story Of A Young Girl
The Story Of A Young Girl

This is a story Neville told about a sad young girl who dreaded going home on Christmas eve to an empty house. She had lost her dad in an accident that same year. 

So it was late at night, and it was raining, and this sad young girl who had just turned 17 was returning home and she was overcome with grief and sadness. She was untrained in anything and the only job that she managed to get herself was as a waitress and it seemed like she had worked herself late into the night.

As she is returning home, she’s in a streetcar that is filled with happy boys and girls who are quite eager and excited to return home on a Christmas vacation. This girl must’ve felt like the saddest person on earth when she saw how excited everyone was about going home and meeting their family and she couldn’t stop herself from crying. 

So, she stuck her face in the rain so that her tears could freely mingle with the rain and she wished that she was somewhere else. Somewhere far away from home, to be precise the island of Samoa. 

However, that was the point that she stopped wishing and what she did next was a pure act of creation because she went into her wonderful human imagination and she created a different circumstance for herself and she experienced it like it was happening in real-time.

There is a huge difference between wishing for something and using the power of your imagination to create it, and this is something that I’m going to cover in detail later on.

Back to our story, the girl is crying and while she’s holding the rail of the streetcar, she says to herself, “This is not rain but spray from the ocean, and this is not the salt of tears that I taste, but this is the salt of the sea in the wind, and this is not San Diego, this is a ship and I’m coming into the bay of Samoa.”

While heading home to doom and gloom, this girl decided to experience a new reality in great vividness in her imagination and she saw herself so far away from home sailing in a ship and approaching Samoa instead of heading home in a streetcar.

At the end of the journey, everyone disembarked from the streetcar and she went home then, 10 days later she received a letter from this firm in Chicago. Neville didn’t elaborate what kind of a firm it was but I’m guessing it was a law firm.

This letter said that her aunt who left for Europe several years before had deposited with them three thousand dollars and gave the instructions that if she didn’t return to America the sum of money should be paid to her niece. The letter further said that they had just received news of her aunts’ death and they were now acting on her instructions.

One month later this girl sailed into the bay of Samoa and she experienced exactly the same thing she had experienced a month before. As she came into the bay it was late at night, it wasn’t raining but there was a spray of the sea in the wind and she could taste the salt of the sea just like she had tasted her tears.

The story of a young girl just turned 17

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Imagination Creates Reality

This is a fascinating lesson to take home, because the young lady took something physical in her world, her tears – and she expanded them into part of her vision by making them the salt of the sea.

Neville says, we must “know and occupy” the state of the wish fulfilled, and this young lady found a way to KNOW her state more fully, by taking what was in her physical world – and linking that to her imaginal act.

When the sad girl was in the streetcar heading home, she saw herself in her imagination being somewhere else, somewhere far from home and she believed it.

The 2 most important elements here are:

– She saw herself in her imagination

– She believed what she was seeing in her imagination to be true

She made that single act that would imply and ground the feeling of the wish fulfilled – having arrived at her destination.

She saw and she felt the wish fulfilled – and anchored it in with a simple phrase she could experience anytime she needed to return to the state of the wish fulfilled.

What single phrase can we use in our vision – that implies that it has been fulfilled?

Each vision has it’s own appointed hour.  I wrote about this in my post How To Take Any Goal And Bring It To Reality.

What we place in our imagination is more than just an empty thought, it becomes our reality.

When one assumes the feeling of a wish fulfilled, they are imagining the feeling of how it would feel if they already had the things that they desire.

One can do this simply by asking themselves the question, “how would I feel if I already had it?

Once one has a clear visualization of what they are striving for, they can then bring all of their attention towards envisioning that for themselves; focusing only on their highest expectations instead of the “how” it will happen, thus allowing the process of manifestation to unfold on its own.

And of course as I like to remind myself, infinite patience produces immediate results.


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