What Do you Want to do With your life?

What do you want to do

with your life?

Friday 29th September 2023

8.00 PM Italy Time

Cagliari, via San Lucifero 65

Link for live video streaming https://zoom.us/j/91608690890



Advanced booking

is required

There are many ways to live your life: there is no right or wrong. The way you choose to live it’s one of the infinite possible ways that enables you to practice the only reason you are alive: to experience Who You Reall Are.

Therefore, the only question that is meaningful for you is: what do you want to do with your life?

Do you want to carry on living as you have so far, or do you want to Live rediscovering meaning and a new sense of direction, that you feel so strongly inside you but that you find it difficult to come up with answers and solutions?

Do you want to carry on living like you’ve done so far or do you want to Live taking the lead of your own existence, rediscovering that sense of meaning and direction you feel so deeply inside yourself but that you have been struggling to define and to find answers to?

Further details:
• Air conditioned room. Please dress accordingly. 
• You cannot bring mobile phones, PC, tablets (even if they are switched off) into the room

How to book:
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Contact details: MaeStr’Ale Via San Lucifero 65, Cagliari 09125
Web: www.maestr-ale.org
Phone: 070 6400725
Mobile: +39 3469553823