Channelling Reiki
Where Do You Channel Your Reiki Energy from?

As humans we believe that we are limited. This is easy to believe because the human body has many obvious limitations.

For example, we can’t walk through walls, we can’t teleport and we live in very organised structured societies, which place limits and boundaries on almost everything that we do. Limitations just seem to be a way of life.

When Dr Usui re-discovered Reiki he was very much searching for answers on limitations. As a young boy growing up he was taught energy healing by using a technique to build up his own energy and then use this energy to heal others.

This technique showed him very clearly how limited a person’s energy was. He would feel depleted after giving a healing using his own energy. The first Reiki initiation that Dr Usui received gave him the ability to channel energy through him, from source, which would not deplete his own energy. This was the answer that he had been searching for.

Because our 3rd dimensional awareness supports our belief that we are limited, channelling energy is such an important step to recognise that we are in fact unlimited beings. We have a divine connection to “All That Is” which is unlimited and infinite. When we channel Reiki energy through us and into our clients we experience that un- limitedness, quite often for the first time in our lives.

Eventually what might happen through your Reiki practice is that you come to understand that your divine connection to all that is, is not outside of you, but within you and you then stop channelling energy through you.

Many Reiki teachers demonstrate that the unlimited Reiki energy comes from outside of us – from out there in that vastness of the divine universe- and comes through our Crown chakra, into our heart space and then out through our arms and hands into our clients (or ourselves for a self-treatment). I was taught this visualisation as a Reiki student, and also as a Spiritual Healer, and it served me very well for many years.

Through my Reiki practice and other spiritual understandings I have come to know the power I have within myself. I no longer see the human existence as limited, and I have come to an understanding that this power of unlimited energy is within me and always was.

When I facilitate an energy healing session for a client now, I actually bring the energy straight from my heart space which itself is connected to all that is. I am one with the Universe as the Universe is within me. I no longer go outside of myself for that source of unlimited power; therefore I don’t have to “channel” healing energy anymore.

This concept is very difficult to teach, especially to someone just starting out with Reiki as their first step to understanding that they are more than just their physical body. And I certainly still teach all of my Reiki students to channel Reiki energy. Channelling energy is an important part of the system of Reiki and opens us up to connecting to divine source and all that is.

But if you are an experienced Reiki practitioner, it might be interesting to reframe your understanding slightly and connect with Reiki from within you (not outside of you) and notice how the power increases exponentially! Not just through your hands in a treatment, but through your own empowerment and transformation in your life. This is not your own limited energy; it is the unlimited source of energy that you have access to within you.

When you come to understand that you are the source of the unlimited power, then all beliefs about limitations start to change. It is not difficult to do. It is just a matter of shifting your intention slightly.

Maybe meditate and visualise the unlimited universal energy (or Reiki) as being within you. Notice how it feels and start to build a personal relationship with this inner energy and this connection. I personally made this shift
through my connection to my own soul (inner spirit). Try it out and see if your Reiki practice is amplified.

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