dog sterilisation
Dog sterilisation – what’s the message for me?


“My sister’s dog is epileptic. Her opinion about the whole matter is: “I want to get my dog sterilised as it would very dangerous for her if she got pregnant (because she is epileptic)”.

What is communication for me?

Your sister is what is known to you, experienced, ‘mapped‘, secure in the intangible, in the Absolute.

The dog is the faithful mind, the way of thinking that accompanies you in your journey.

Epilepsy (surges of electrical activity in the brain, which leads to alterations in consciousness, that causes temporary abnormalities in muscle tone or movements) is the conflict between what you know and what you sense is the deep Truth.

Therefore the message for you may be:

“In your thinking (dog) that leads to manifestation of what is fraternal to you in the Absolute (sister) , move away from the conflict existing between what you feel and what you believe (epilepsy) , living in fear of creating (childbirth) which makes your action sterile.”


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