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Hawayo Takata’s Foundation Treatment

Hawayo Takata simplified the Usui system and developed her own hand position system, which she called the foundation treatment.

This consisted of eight hand positions, which were on: the abdomen, the shoulders and head.

– Four basic positions for the torso.

– Three positions for the head.

– No positions over the heart or on the back, which were optional.

– Additional positions for the back if the client would be included, if needed.


First sequence of four placements of both hands that cover:

– Liver

– Gall bladder

– Stomach

– Pancreas

– Spleen

– Transverse Colon

– Small intestine

– Reproductive system

– Ascending and descending colon

– Bladder


– Three hand positions for the head, also treating the back of the head in some cases.

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Phyllis Lei Furumoto was born on August 22, 1948, in Dallas, Texas into a Japanese American family. She grew up in the USA and travelled the world teaching Reiki and being of service to the Reiki community.

Phyllis Furumoto-Sensei was a Reiki Master and learned Reiki from her grandmother, Hawayo Takata, who taught this Japanese healing practice in Hawaii, the mainland US, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Phyllis joined her grandmother traveling and teaching Reiki in the late 1970’s.

An Intimate Conversation with Phyllis Furumoto about Hawayo Takata and the History of Reiki Practice

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