Owing the power of words
The Vibratory Power Of Words

Thus the invisible forces are ever working for man who is always “pulling the strings” himself, though he does not know it. Owing to the vibratory power of words, whatever man voices, he begins to attract. People who continually speak of disease, invariably attract it.

Florence Scovel Shinn

The majority of people often consider dis-ease as “something that happened to them”. Something that randomly appeared in the body, for no apparent reason.

Sometimes we start making connections in the cause-and-effect physical construct:

“Perhaps it was something that I ate, or drank?“.

Or maybe ii was the face cream that I used on my skin?”.

Then, we start making more interesting connections, although still ‘trapped‘ in cause-and effect:

“That person gave it to me in the bus! She kept sneezing all the time!”.

“I did not wear a mask!

“It is probably all that stress!” .

“It is because of all my accumulated anger”.

“It is my neighbour sending me bad vibes!”

As we move out of the cause-and-effect construct, into the laws of quantum physics, we understand that All is One.

In this quantum world, where everything is connected, there is no separation, there is no duality – there are no viruses, diseases, accidents, adverse events, luck, spells, white/black magic. These are all creations of the human mind.

In the quantum world, there is no need for protection, because there is no separation. In a denser reality, we do not to protect ourselves.

In our reality, or realities, everything and everyone is a mirror, in constanct communication with us.

The mould in your house – is communication.

The rash on my skin – is communication.

I have the flu – is communication.

My husband has the flu – is communication

My uncle’s divorce – is communication

My car is broken – is communication.

I forgot to take the keys with me – is communication.

The person at the counter tells me that “all rich people are selfish.” – is communication.

The postman forgets to deliver your post for the day – is communication.

You hear a song on the radio – is communication.

All of this, and much more – is the Field communicating with you.

Does it mean we are back in duality, where ‘I am here’ and ‘The Field’ is out there? No, we are not.

The Field is you, and you are the Field.

You are God, and God is you.

You are Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Intelligence is you.

Does it mean that disease does not exist? That Angels do not exist? That evil does not exist?

In the Field of Infinite possibilities, everything exists.

A psychic tells you that on the 25th February the energies in the Universe are so dense that you should avoid going out? Is it true? Yes, if you believe in it, by tuning into that version of you that goes out and experiences that. It becomes your reality.

However, if you what to experience a version of you that on the 25th February goes out and has a beautiful day, regardless of the energies in the Universe, you can also do that. You can experience it.

A healer told you that you have a spirit attached to your aura, and that you need to protect yourself with a powerful amulet? If you believe in it, yes, that becoms true for you. And you live in that reality.

Neville Goddard calls them states.

There is no right or wrong. Everything is perfect. Everything is experience. We learn, we grow – as souls.

So, what reality are you choosing to experience through your own beliefs?

You do not like your reality? Would you like to change it? You are not a victim.

You are a Divine being living in a Field of infinite potential.

In this Field, there is a version of you that is experiencing a different reality.

Choose to collapse that frequency from this Field and manifest this version of you, into physical reality.

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