Gedoku Chiryo Ho (Detoxification Technique)

Gedoku Chiryo Ho (Detoxification Technique)

Gedoku Chiryo Ho is a technique used to effect detoxification/purification on various levels.

It can also assist in strengthening the connection with ones ‘True Self’. This technique can be offered to your client as part of a Reiki treatment, it can be incorporated in your self-treatment or used as a stand-alone practice.

Please follow these steps if you are treating a client:

  • Rest your hands, palms down, on your thighs.
  • Close your eyes and ‘hara-centre’ yourself: focus your awareness in your seika tanden
  • For a few moments, simply ‘be’ – silently and restfully ‘watching the breath’: loosely focussing on the natural rhythms of your breathing.
  • Let yourself ‘see‘ and feel the Reiki pervading and permeating your entire being, being aware that you are oneness.
  • Perform gassho rei and make a silent statement of intent that you are beginning the session.
  • Whilst the client can be lying down for this treatment, it will be generally far easier to administer if they are sitting upright on a chair.
  • Place your left hand on their tanden area, and place your right hand on their lower back at about the same level as the hand on their tanden.
  • Be aware of the Reiki flow beneath your hands. You may silently affirm the desire that all toxins be – gently – cleared from the client.
  • Let the Reiki flow. ‘See‘ and feel the Reiki flow. Be in the experience.
  • Stay with it as long as you intuit is appropriate.
  • When you recognise that enough has been achieved for the current session, withdraw your hands from the client.
  • Manifest kansha – gratitude – for having been granted this opportunity to assist your client to heal themself.
  • To complete the procedure, perform gassho rei

You can of course also self-treat with Gendoku Chiryo Ho, by placing the right hand on your forehead.

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