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What Is Go-Kai?

The Go-kai has two titles:

Shokufu no Hiho” – The secret method to invite happiness

Manbyo no Reiyaku” – The miraculous remedy/elixir for all diseases

The Go-kai is quite short and simple but has the profound meaning of Satori, which Usui Sensei achieved:

Kyou dake wa” (For Today)

Ikaru na” (Do not be angry)

Shinpai suna” (Do not worry)

Kansha shite” (Be thankful)

Gyou wo hageme” (Do what you are meant to do)

Hito ni shinsetsu ni” (Be kind to others)

Asa yu” (Morning and night)

Gassho shite” (with your hands in Gassho)

Kokoro ni nenji” (Put them in your Kokoro)

Kuchi ni tonaeyo” (recite)

What is Anshin Ritsumei? (Usui Sensei’s Understanding)

Mikao Usui searched for the meaninig of life and wanted to experience Anshin Ritsumei and improve spirituality. He practised zazen for three years at a temple in Kyoto. However, during that time he could not attain a paeceful mind free of anger and worry.

He went to Mt. Kurama and began fasting while practising zazen meditation. He was preparing to die. From ancient times to the present, people in Japan have climbed so-called sacred mountains and practised ascetic training to attein enlightment. Anshin (peaceful mind); Ritsumei (work on our roles and missions). Living in such a way is Anshin Ritsumei and the goal of life is to actualise it.

Usui Sensei attained Anshin Ritsumei at Mt. Kurama

Mikao Usui’s inner Reiki and Reiki in the Universe began to resonate with each other, with resonance increasing day by day.

At midnight on the 21st day, a powerful shock like a lightning struck hi brain, and he lost consciousness. He woke up before dawn in a strange sensation he had never experienced before. His inner Reiki and Reiki in the Universe resonated with each other, giving him a realisation from his soul.

“I am the Universe, and the Universe is me”

… achieving Oneness with the Universe in March 1922.

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