Resonance with reiki

Main Characteristics and Features of Reiki Ho

Gendai Reiki Ho is not a new Reiki system but a more practically structured method based on the original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho that was founded in 1922.

1 – No Hard Training is Necessary: once you receive your Attunement to open the Reiki pathway, you will be able to use Reiki and give Reiki treatment sessions to yourself and others.

2 – Your Reiki Pathway Remains For Life: you can use Reiki for life, regardless of how often and how much you use Reiki.

3 – Your Reiki Ability Will Improve As You Use Reiki: the more you pratice Reiki, the better your Reiki ability will be.

4 – No Effort Is Necessary: you do not need to make an effort or to concentrate. Simply place your hands and Reiki will flow easily.

5- Reiki Does not Give Us Negative Energy: Reiki is a higher form of energy and no protection is necessary.

6. You Do Not Need to Believe In Reiki: Reiki is not a religion, nor is a belief system. Reiki energy flows even if you do not believe in it.

7. Reiki Works on Everything: you can give Reiki to people, plants, animals, non-living materials, spaces.

8 – Reiki Works Well With Other Treatments: Usui Reiki Ryoho is a complementary therapy for modern medicine. It is very effective with other complementary therapies, western medicine, and other forms of energy medicine.

9 – Reiki Transcends Space and Time: You can send Reiki in the past, and in the future (although outside of duality and cause-effect there is no past and future).

10 – Reiki is very Simple: just intend to be a clear channel for the energy. You will need to learn some basic information on how to improve your energy and spiritual practice.

11 – Reiki is A Body-Mind Improvement Technique: Reiki can have a wonderful effet on the quality of your life.

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