Ackowledge your DIvinity

The Language of Evidence

We are two-dimensional beings: we have a dense dimension – made of a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body – and a Subtle dimension.

The dense dimension creates through thought and emotions – words – and the actions that we take as a result.

The Subtle dimension creates through frequencies.

Everything in created in the Subtle dimension and manifested into matter, facilitating our manifestation. Everything that we perceive outside of ourselves is a communication for us.


Neville Goddard

However, in the reality that we perceive through our senses – the messages of Life (the Subtle that each of us Is) are not understood since they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

True Self

Therefore, stop focusing your attention on the past, on a distorted view of Reality, as this causes you pain, it takes you away from the Project of Incarnation, which is perfect as it is. There is nothing wrong, nothing irreparable, but everything is in the Here and Now, everything is your adventure.

So it is not “what you could have done“, but it is “what you choose in the present moment” that gives you serenity.

Is it clear for you?


But then what should I do? That is… there is nothing: am I causing my own pain?

True Self

It is so for all pain. Man lives in the illusion that there is a “cause” which produces an “effect“. In Reality what you call “the cause” is only a medium that conveys a communication, but it is not the cause of the communication.

Do you understand what I mean?


No, I don’t understand this…

True Self

If you fell and injured your leg, you’d assume that the fall was the cause of the injury. But that wound on your leg is a communication for you. The fall is the medium that You – the non-incarnated aspect – used to convey the communication to you.

But it is not the cause of the wound, since the wound is the communication that arises upstream.


The Principle of Cause and Effect (see the Kybalion) states that:

“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law.”

From this we can say that in the field of infinite possibilities, there are infinite and possible causes, and infinite and possible effects. In the Absolute, we are outside every planes, All is One. Therefore, there are no planes as this would imply that there is separation. There is no cause and effect.

At the physical level we perceive a fraction of reality. In the channeling session above, the True Self explaines that if you have an incident, you fall and hurt your leg, what appears to be the cause of the injury (the fall) is in fact the channel of the communication.

In other words, your soul/non-incarnated aspect/Monad/Higher Self or whatever name you want to give it to it, ‘wants to communicate with you’, ‘wants to send you a message’. Therefore, in this incredible game of synchronicities, circumstances, places, situations, people align so that you fall. The fall does not just happen, is the perfect channel of the communication that you need to get through falling.

What is the communication about? The communication/message is usually about remembering Who You Really Are. It is never about ‘doing’: change your job, leave that person, move to a different place and so on. It is about your attitude in life. Attitude includes what you think, feel, how you see life, if and when react, to what you react, what you believe to be true … all the time.

Because in the field of infinite possibilities you have free will, there is no ‘higher being’ that can tell you what to do, as it would take away from you that free will. If you received detailed instructions on what to do, that would not be guidance.

How do you ‘read’ the communication for you? The result of the fall is the injury, the wound on your body. Everything has its meaning in the Language of Evidence, therefore look at the evidence: where in your body is the injury, leg? head? Back? What type of injury is it? What do you see? So the actual injury is conveying the message to you, and you use the Language of Evidence to comprehend the message.

Why is that? Because All is One, there is no separation, so your own body is a mirror that is mirroring the message that you are sending back to yourself on the ‘screen’ of what we perceive as an external reality. But reality in illusory, only Reality (Capital R) is Real.

Because the True Self is you, if we thought that it was something other than you, we would again fall into the trap of separation.

In Reality, you’re a Divine Being having a human experience, and everything that appears other than you is your own projection.

Therefore, there are no random events, good or bad lack, accidents … it’s all an illusion. You have the power to Create everything, nothing excluded.

Would you like to ask questions to the True Self about events in your life?

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