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The Language of Evidence

We are two-dimensional beings: we have a dense dimension – made of a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body – and a Subtle dimension.

The dense dimension creates through thought and emotions – words – and the actions that we take as a result.

The Subtle dimension creates through frequencies.

Everything in created in the Subtle dimension and manifested into matter, facilitating our manifestation. Everything that we perceive outside of ourselves is a communication for us.


Neville Goddard

However, in the reality that we perceive through our senses – the messages of Life (the Subtle that each of us Is) are not understood since they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

SOURCE: https://www.maestr-ale.org/dizionario/abitazione-privata/ (in Italian)

Private residence (HOME)

The house is the symbol of the centre of human existence. In Buddhism, the human body is itself assimilated to a house.

Therefore because All is One, there is no separation at the subtle level and everything that you experience in reality is a projection, according to the Language of Evidence we can say that everything relates to your home speaks to us about your “Deep/Inner”, the place in which you live, the context within which you Thead the Path.

Since we are “immaterial aspects” that use “physical vehicles” (the human body) to experience an illusory separation from the All to which we belong, the place where we live/dwell is the centre of our body.


Water, in the Language of Evidence, speaks to you about Absolute/Unconditional Love. The water element, in fact, not only takes the shape of its container, but offers no resistance to the laws that govern the material aspect that it encounters: if there is a slope, it drains; if there is a cavity, it sets in perfect adhesion with its shape. Accepting and adhering exactly to reality, such and as it is, doesn’t it perhaps belong to the Energy of Unconditional and Unrestricted Love?

The Communication taking place when the house is flooded then becomes clear: deep inside, love unconditionally (the inside of the house).


The bathroom is the place withing our home where we clean our body (the vehicle we use to move in this dimension) and where we also let go of the organic waste being the final product of a source of nourishment.

Everything that happens to this environment or in this environment speaks to us about releasing and letting go of dense/congested energy.


These are the parts of the house that are shown to the outside. Therefore, all that happens to balconies/terraces or in balconies/terraces speaks to you of what you show of yourself on the outside.

Boiler/water heater: faulty

The boiler is what heats the house (boiler) and heats up the water (boiler/water heater). All that happens to these devices represents an invitation to bring warmth and passion deep within you (boiler, when its purpose is to heat water), to warm up your Love (water heater and boiler when its purpose is to heat water).

Keys: lost

I can no longer go home. Therefore, Life speaks to me of becoming Conscious and aware of the fact that I can no longer continue to look for solutions outside if I want to be feel fulfilled in Life.

Air conditioners: failure

The air conditioner is the device that introduces fresh air/new air. Therefore, everything that happens to air conditioners speaks to you of the need to bring fresh air/new air.


This is the environment in our home in which food is prepared (food = nourishment). Therefore everything that happens in the kitchen or at the kitchen speaks to you of the actions that you need to take or you need to stop taking in order to produce nourishment at the subtle level.


They are the artifacts that open outwards outside the house. Therefore anything that happens to the windows in your home speaks to you of the way in which you communicate in the ‘external’ world.


recognising and going in search of one’s own values in the most intimate part of oneself (inside the house), where they are buried, to bring them to light, so that they can flow. Otherwise, someone else (the thief) will do it (for you) from the outside. So, if this happened to you, ask yourself what inner wealth you don’t invest in your Life at this stage of your Journey. In summary, having something stolen indicates that you are not Aware of your deepest value and/or that you are not able to let your values flow.


It is the environment in which our autonomy (car) is placed/rests. Therefore, everything that happens in/at the garage speaks to you of the need to move your autonomy from where it is stationed, where it rests.


Fire is the element that transforms everything it encounters: even the stone in the heart of volcanoes. When fire touches something, it transforms it without limitations and reservations. The communication that relates to a fire then becomes clear: transform everything without limitations and reservations.


These are the artifacts which, by opening and closing, allow or preclude the passage from one room to another in the house. Therefore, everything that happens to doors speaks of the need to open up (or stop closing) to the meaning that is linked to the meaning of the environment into which one can enter or from which one can leave. For example: if I slam against the bathroom door, the communication is… stop fighting/closing yourself off from the possibility of letting go (bathroom -> letting go, see above).

Artificial light points (chandeliers/lamps, etc.)

These are the devices that bring light into the house. Therefore everything that happens to artificial light points in your home speaks to you of the need to take concrete actions in order to bring Light inside you.

Natural light points

They are the spaces through which sunlight/natural light enters the house. Therefore, everything that happens to natural points of light speaks to you of the need to unconditionally open yourself to the Light of the All.


It is the place where things are kept. And what is preserved does not belong to the “here and now” but to the experience we have lived. So everything that happens at/in this environment speaks to you of what is part of your life experience: what you already know and believe.

Lounge/living room

This is the centre of the house. Therefore, everything that happens at/in the living room speaks to you of the Centre of your Centre.


It is the environment of the house in which you rest. So everything that happens to/in the bedroom is an invitation to go beyond everything you settle on.


It is the device that brings a virtual reality into our home, constructed, read, and filtered through maps of the world that do not belong to you. Therefore, everything that happens to the television speaks to you of your predisposition to accept representations which, as such, do not belong to your Truth.

Windows – glass

As in the car, glass represents the imperceptible / the transparent / the invisible filters through which we observe reality, or rather … our beliefs / convictions. Whatever happens to glass windows invites you to observe/read reality through a different system of beliefs/convictions.

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