Pain and True Self


This is an extract of a channeling session with the True Self originally channeled in Italian and then translated into English.

The language used by the True Self is quite profound in nature, so the English translation may not be as accurate as the original message in Italian. However, as everything is energy and frequency, do not let your rational mind interfere with this process, simply receive what you are supposed to receive right now.

If you have come to this page, you have manifested this in your reality, so you are in the right place at the right time.

The Language of Evidence

We are two-dimensional beings: we have a dense dimension – made of a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body – and a Subtle dimension.

The dense dimension creates through thought and emotions – words – and the actions that we take as a result.

The Subtle dimension creates through frequencies.

Everything in created in the Subtle dimension and manifested into matter, facilitating our manifestation. Everything that we preceive outside of ourselves is a communication for us.

However, in the reality that we perceive through oure senses – the messages of Life (the Subtle that each of us Is) are not understood since they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

Seeing with the eyes of the Soul

In this phase of human evolution it is no longer enough to just look: it is necessary to see. “Seeing” is what makes the difference: the difference that makes the difference.

But in order to “see” it is necessary to understand and to remember that everything in life is of symbolic nature, everything must be seen in an analogical key through sensory Evidence, which is the representation of the inner energetic phenomena that manifest itself externally to help us make choices that are consistent with Who We Authentically Are and with what we have chosen to experience in this life so that we can evolve.

Everything that is picked up by our senses – events, situations, people, animals, things, what we think, what we feel, what we say, what we do, what we are told, what is ‘done to us’, what we say and do to ourselves – comes from our Suble dimension (described in the previous paragraph) and manifests itself in the dense dimension.

The meaning of everything that is perceived through our senses (events, situations, people, animals, ect.) is very different from the meaning we give to the event in the cause – effect paradigm (I do this and as result, this happens). The language of Evidence gives us an indication of the choices that we need to make in order to go towards the Joy we all look for.

And the more “what happens” impacts us, the more it affects us internally. Emotional involvement, in fact, attests that something affects us deeply: the more it touches us, the more it indicates that we are ready to go beyond the evolutionary phase we are going through.

As challenging as it may be, what happens to us is never against us: everything is for us, everything is an indication of the Way to access levels of Consciousness and awareness that give us fullness, joy, meaning, results.

Seeing with the eyes of the Soul: this is the difference that makes the difference.

>> Vai alla Casa Dell’Anima <<

Does my True Self Communicate with me through pain?

Why did I get this problem, this pain? I’ve never had anything – not even a headache. Now I find myself with this pain that I don’t know what could be causing it. Can you tell me something about it? Who or what, if it can depend on a person, a family member, a friend, a colleague? … I don’t know …

The first important thing for you to remember is to accept that everything that happens in your life is for you and not against you.

It is a communication that you, Divine Being, communicate to your dense system in order to bring you back, reorient you in your Path as an incarnated being.

All is One, therefore One is you. Everything that you perceive as separate from you is actually a projection that shows you what is happening inside you. So nothing and no one outside of you is responsible for the communication that you are receiving, however these can be messengers.

Having said that, to help you understand, observe your pain, describe it clearly: what is evident in this pain that you are experiencing?

What is evident… I don’t know what you mean by “what is evident”. I feel this pain when I make any movement, now even when I laugh, when I sneeze, even when I bend over. It’s impossible to cough … it’s just impossible to cough, because I feel this excruciating pain. Before it squeezed me a lot, now I also have pangs. In short, this pain lasts even after it started: sometimes it can last ten minutes, sometimes it can last all day, even without coughing, without doing … maybe, I don’t know, it depends on the weather. It is a very strong pain, too much and I cannot continue with this pain.

Observe the focus point of the pain.

Up here, especially on the left side. Sometimes it also takes my eye, my cheek… especially on the left. Sometimes the whole head, but usually the left side feels very strong.

The head is the tool that speaks to you about your Project in this Incarnation. So what you are receiving in such a peremptory way is the invitation to stop letting your mental dimension interfere in your choices of Spiritual Orientation.

For you to understand: in this phase of your Journey, although you sense within yourself a call inviting you to get in contact with your Divine Aspect, you hold it back and instead you listen to your mental processes mostly generated by convictions and beliefs connected to your past, as if inside you there was a desire to rediscover that connection with your purest part, but you keep telling yourself mentally that it’s not true, that it’s too late now, that you could have done it in the past, that if you had made different choices, etc., looking at an illusory past that somehow keeps you in the role of a victim of the choices you made.

Do you understand what I mean?

In other words, would I be a victim of the choices I’ve made?

You believe to be the victim of the choices you made …

Ah, yes…of having chosen badly…of having made some wrong choices.

Yes. Therefore, this is a mental construct that not only is not useful to you, but is profoundly false, since it is you who have chosen your challenges: in this incarnation you have made choices that have allowed you to gain experience and come step by step to the grip of awareness of your Divinity. You are now ready to observe your life and rejoice in the experiences you have had: even those that may apparently seem wrong to you, are actually the ones that have allowed you to expand your Consciousness.

Is it clear for you?

Yes, I think I understand.

Therefore, stop focusing your attention on the past, on a distorted view of Reality, as this causes you pain, it takes you away from the Project of Incarnation which is perfect as it is. There is nothing wrong, nothing irreparable, but everything is in the Here and Now and everything is an adventure.

So it is not “what you could have done“, but it is “what you choose in the present moment” that gives you serenity.

Is it clear for you?

But then what should I do? That is… there is nothing: am I the one causing myself this pain?

Like all pain. Man has the illusion that there is a “cause” which produces an “effect”. In Reality what you call “the cause” is only the earthly instrument that brings about the communication, but it is not the cause of the communication.

Do you understand what I mean?

No, I didn’t understand this…

If you fall and injure your leg, you then assume that the fall was the cause of the injury. But actually that wound is a communication for you. The fall is the instrument that you – in your non-incarnated aspect – used to convey the communication to you. But it is not the cause of the wound, since the wound is the manifestation of the communication that arises upstream.

Is it clearer now?


So your pain is created, or rather, it’s a communication that your True Self is giving you not to create discomfort, but to bring you back into real balance.

Message From the True Self
channelled on 17.05.2023

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