Essential Energy Techniques To Keep Your Energy Clear And Flowing
Spirit-To-Spirit Process

These essential techniques described below are given by Cindy Dale in her book ‘The Subtle Body – A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing‘. These techniques are quite simple and can be practiced by everyone.

Spirit-To-Spirit is a 3-step technique for high vibrational healing. Is a process for establishing the spiritual borders needed to engage in any activity with another person or a group. It enables us to keep clean and pure boundaries.

1. Affirm that you are a full, powerful and loving spiritual being. Feel a shift in your energy field while breathing into your heart and making the affirmation.

2. Affirm that the other person is also a fully developed and loving spiritual being. Sense the presence of the other person’s spirit and engage with this aspect of the other. Feel how the unhealthy connections release and only love remains.

3. Call upon the presence of the Great or Holy Spirit, which shifts the energy and provide any necessary insights, healing, protection or act of grace. (You can call upon the Divine presence according to your personal, spiritual and religious beliefs).

The Healing Streams Of Grace Technique

This technique can be utilised at the start or conclusion of any process, exercise or work session.

Step 1. Grounding

Grounding is the process of bringing yourself fully into your body and linking with the natural world. When grounded, you will be able to feel all parts of your physical body and also the full extension of your energy field. There are different grounding techniques that you can utilise, just practice the ones you resonate with.

Step 2. Centering

Centering is the process of bringing yourself to your centre. To be in your centre means that you are fully connected to the part of your body where all of you energies converge. This centre is usually found in the solar plexus, abdomen or heart. Gassho meditation is really good for centering your energy in your heart.

Step 3. Protecting

The process of protecting means clearing, repairing, and energizing your energy field and erecting energy boundaries in order to keep yourself safe. The safer you feel with regards to visible and invisible energies around you, the more you will be in the position of being grounded, centered and in sync with universal energy. You can practice the Hatsurei-Ho Technique to cleans and protect your energy. You can also use visualisation with the Shower of Light technique.

Step 4. Opening

Opening is the process of opening your energy centres. In fact, your energy centres (chakras) are never really ‘open‘ or ‘closed‘ but these are words to indicate the amount of life force that is currently flowing through them. It is really important that we open the chakras only when we have gone through the previous steps, so we are are feeling safe, grounded, centred and protected.

Step 5. Closing

Closing means to ‘close’ your chakras (see opening above); in fact, what we are doing is to de-sensitise them (when we are opening, we are sensitising them) do they are more protected. At the end of this process you also re-centre and ground your energy.

A little reflection …

I remember when I started my journey ten years ago (at least, in this life), and learned about these tools. Everything sounded a bit ‘out there’ and not important. With time I have learned that it is all quite real and really important, as my teachers used to tell me.

The longer we work with energies, the more sensitive and receptive we become to them. There are things that before didn’t really bother me, and now they do: sounds, smells, crowded, violence, ‘small talk‘, certain places. Things that I used to like before now no longer interest me. I can’t even drink one sip of wine that I am almost instantly out of my body and sound asleep!

With time, I learned that utilising certain tools helped me feeling safer, healthier, happier. Certain habits helped my wellbeing, they were very practical tools and helped me in the physical life. All happened organically, like the need to eat and drink.

If you are starting this journey and you are reading this, just now that one day it will all make sense. Like Steve Jobs used to say:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

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