How To Create A Special Reiki Christmas Gift
How To Create A Special Reiki Christmas Gift

Reiki is a wonderful spiritual energy that can help us in many ways. We can work with our guides and ask Reiki for self-healing, empowering goals, manifesting money, healing relationships, creating crystal a crystal grid and so much more.

Energy work is all about using our clear intention – we can use Reiki to energetically charge a gift with beautiful loving and healing energy, so that the receiver can receive the gift and Reiki too. This could be a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or any other present you give to people.

The process is very simple and you can use it anytime you want.

Is your gift energetically cleaned?

Anything that you purchase and bring home carries all the energies of people that have previously handled that object, the places it has been, the person who delivered etc. These energies can be thought forms, cords, emotions etc.

It is important to use techniques that help you protect from negative energies, and you also need to be conscious of the flow of energies going in and out of your home.

Please do not use the technique below to release earthbound spirits, as you will need to use Spirit Release Therapy to release them safely.


1. Connect to the Reiki source. Say ‘Reiki flow now’. Feel a strong Reiki flow coming through your palms. Don’t worry if you cannot feel it, just trust the process.

2. Take the gift between your hands, close your eyes, feel its energy.

3. Draw the CKR symbol on the gift, imagine a swirling red energy swiping through the object, taking away any energetic debris.

4. Imagine the swirling energy moving up into the Universe. exploding in many colours like fireworks. Ask Reiki that all the energy to be transmuted into positive vibes. Imagine the gift glowing with beautiful bright light.

5. Imagine now that the energetic debris that has been removed from the gift, has left many holes, like those in the gruyere cheese. These holes must be filled with light. Just use your intention to channel Reiki into the energy of the gift to fill the holes. Remember, intention is everything. You do not need to see the holes, they will be there.

6 Use the HSZSN symbol to send distant healing, setting the intention that Reiki flows, filling any gaps and repairing the energy matrix of the object.

6. Use the CKR symbol again to seal and protect, the same way you would use glue to secure a broken pot.


7. You have neutralised any external energy that may have been there when you purchased the gift. You can now charge the gift with the quality of energy that you want the person to receive.

8. You are holding the gift between your hands. Use the CKR to open the energy, and draw the HSZSN symbol on the gift with the intention that Reiki flows to the core of the object. Think of the energy that you want to infuse the gift with: love, joy, peace, wisdom, healing. Perhaps you are giving a Christmas present to someone who is ill? Charge the gift with healing energy. Or maybe the receiver is stressed and anxious? Then you can set the intention to infuse the gift with the energy of peace and love. You can be creative, you can send self-esteem, motivation, balance etc.

9. Do not get attached to the result, avoid sending your own energy into the object. if a person needs healing, send healing energy to the gift, channel it without pushing it. Always say that you are sending healing for the greatest good of the receiver.

10. Draw the SHK, Master symbols and any other symbols you feel drawn to use.

11. When you feel that the flow diminished or stops, you can seal the process with the CKR.

12. You can now use your creative imagination and imagine the exact moment the person will be receiving the gift from you. Imagine the colours, the scene, the sounds, and the reaction of the person. Imagine the person receiving the gift and the moment they touch it, they receive the energy within the gift.

13. Use the HSZSN symbol to send distant healing to the future, to empower the imagine in your imagination. Imagine Reiki flowing around and within the person. You can also imagine the person constantly receiving Reiki while they have the gift in their room, in their car, or while they wear it (in the case of jewellery, a purse etc.).

14. If you are putting the gift inside a box, or wrapping it in paper, you can draw the symbols with a pencil on the box or paper. Draw them small so that they cannot be seen.

15. Thank Reiki for the continuous help and support, and ground your energy at the end.

You are now ready to give a wonderful gift!

Giancarlo is a fully accredited Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Regression Therapist and a Consultant Healer of the College of Psychic Studies in London.

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