Earthbound Spirits: What Happens After We Die?
Earthbound Spirits: What Happens After We Die?

In the natural cycle of life and death, the spirit moves to the Light after it has left the body. However, sometimes spirits become what is known as earthbound, because they cannot progress as they remain mentally attached to the earth plane for various reasons such as unfinished business, belief, traumatic death, anxiety for a loved one on Earth, fear of the Light, fear of death, etc.

They may be referred to as ghosts, spirits or intelligent hauntings, but are generally thought to possess the same personality and traits as the person who has passed on.

Earthbound spirits are rarely malicious, most of the times they are just confused and look for help. Sometimes they are not even aware that they have died. They manifest in different ways: they may stay in houses or places, or they attach to a living person.

Often people are unaware of how these energies are affecting them, as the effect can be quite subtle. However, in some cases the impact of these energies on the person can be more noticeable. These energies can attach under different circumstances such as if we are unwell, highly emotional, have been in an accident or had a shock, been under anaesthesia or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The presence of earthbound spirits can affect people in a number of ways. The following is a sample of some symptoms that might indicate the presence of an earthbound spirit(s) or negative energies:

  • Lack of energy
  • Mood swings and character changes
  • Memory disturbance and/or poor concentration
  • Hearing disturbing voices
  • Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Severe anxiety, depression or physical problems with no apparent cause

(Please note the presence of one or more of the symptoms does not mean that you have a spirit attachment).

Under certain circumstances people are more vulnerable to spirit attachments, such as when they are depressed, as a result of organ transplant and blood transfusion, injury, when using drugs (including ayahuaska), and in the case of spiritual emergency, illness, and emotional/mental disturbance.

Places where there is a higher risk to encounter spirits are: cemeteries, hospitals, war zones, pubs, nightclubs, clinics, therapy centres, and hospices. Medical doctors and nurses, therapists, energy workers, counsellors, psychiatrists, police officers, army officers, fire brigade officers, funeral director staff, hospital staff and religious people are all professions that present a higher chance to encounter spirits.

Dr. David Furlong is a recognised authority on Possessions, Attachments or Soul Fragments and Spirit Release. David has developed a methodology that combines intuitive healing techniques coupled with regression to help remove intrusive entities and spirit attachments. In 2011, David established the Spirit Release Forum, in the UK.

In this interview, David explores the reasons why earthbound spirits can attach to people and how communicating with the ‘Higher-Self’ (an aspect of our consciousness that is anchored in the spiritual realm) can help releasing them in a loving and safe way.

Key points:

  • Spirit and Soul. The primary consciousness is the Spirit, which is in the spiritual world. One way of differentiating between the Spirit and the Soul you could say the Spirit is our greater consciousness, it’s the totality of all we are, and the soul is a portion of the spirit, which is anchored in the physical body, which is there for a particular lifetime. (15:47)

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  • We come into a life and there is one part of us in a particular life, on an occasion there may be two, but for the most part we would only ever normally incarnate a part of ourselves in any one period. (16:42)
  • What is the difference between Fate and Free Will? Before coming to earth, we liaise with our guides and prepare a plan to prepare to incarnate. This plan is held in the soul essence that is within us. When there is a disconnection between the soul and the ego mind of the person, he/she goes off track and consequently the soul tries to correct bringing forward changes, major crisis, severe illness, which make them stop and reflect. Consequently, they would make changes withing themselves, begin to awaken to the fact they are not just an ego self but there is something deeper happening within. How that plan is adhered to is dependent on our free will choices. (22:49)
  • The Spirit Release process is not just about releasing the spirit, but it is trying to understand what is going on for us; for example, a person may present a problem/issue that may come from this current life or a past life. The Higher Self is a deeply wise knowing part which is in the spiritual world and is monitoring everything that is going on. The spirit release process takes the person in a altered state of consciousness in which he/she is directed to the traumatic part that needs to be healed. (25:52)
  • The trauma may become so overwhelming to the extent that the soul creates a split-off part of itself to hold the trauma. Psychologists and psychotherapists have begun to recognise is that there are different parts, different characters that sit inside of us. Some of these parts can have spirits that attach to them. (40:40)
  • The Spirit Release process involves asking through the Higher Self to connect the person with the part where the trauma is to bring the insights as to what is going on. (42:41).
  • The metaphor of the house: think yourself as a house, and parts of you living in different rooms of the house. What may happen sometimes is that one of the parts may invite a stranger from the outside into the house, and this stranger may create a problem. You may sometime get spirits that do not come into the house but ‘just sit in the garden‘. (44:35)
  • Learning to love which feels unlovable in ourselves: we tend to project out onto the world the parts of us that we cannot readily understand, heal and balance within ourselves. (1.08.00)
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EARTH BOUND SPIRITS: Possessions, Attachments, Soul Fragments & Spirit Release w/ Dr. David Furlong