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How To Understand The Language Of Life

Life is not an inevitable evil, but a constant communication, at the service of everyone.

Since the dawn of time, man has wondered about the meaning and significance of the events of life. We are looking for a sign, a guide, a master who knows for us, who dissolves doubts, questions and fears. But no answer is (nor will ever be) satisfactory, because … “when you look outside of yourself for solutions and answers, you look in the wrong place”.

And it is not useful to interpret life “investigating the causes of the effects“, but to let the meaning emerge from the depths, in the certainty that everything has a meaning and that Life, or rather all that each of us IS, communicates through the Evidence that is shown to our senses using the language of metaphor and analogy, of eternal symbols and absolute archetypes, beyond judgment and with discernment.


I would like to have indications, clear tools with respect to my work … What should I do?

True Self

Your job speaks to you about choices you make and resulting actions you take in order to manifest Who You Really Are. Action represents your ability to move in the earthly dimension in coherence with your Divine Nature.

Therefore what you need to be mindful of is your attitude in relation to choices that, if in alignment with your Divine Body, will be in the direction of manifesting Unconditional Love, without economic worries, emotional concerns, and the need of external acknowledgment.

When you are aligned in frequency with this, opportunities arise to make this action visible in matter: therefore, opportunities for work and innovation at work.


When I have economic concerns and the risk that the ego boycots me, what can I say to myself every moment I struggle to center myself?

I Am The Word through this fear.” “I Am the I Am through my choices”. Everything you experience is created by you to come back to this.

So your economic concerns speak to you about your worries for not being able to get your values flowing. Therefore it is on fear and inadequacy that you have to work, since being Divine there is no impediment to the flow of your values in the Absolute Reality, but your beliefs determine the relative reality in which your values do not flow because you think these should be validated from the outside.

So move your focus and attention from money to what prevents you from manifesting your values.

Your ego is programmed to play the role of manifesting your genealogical programmes, and in this case it is manifesting your need to have your ability and skills validated from the outside.

In Reality You Are skills, abilities, success, result because You Are The All and because everything is already given. So welcome the insights from your ego, thank them and redirect your progress knowing that You Are Divine and as such you do not need external validation, since all that is external You Are again.

Channeling from the Source


Channelling From The Source

If you want to receive information about your life or about the meaning and significance of what is happening to you directly from the Absolute, MaeStr’Ale offers you – free of charge and without any commitment on your part – the opportunity to have this dialogue with the Source channelled by our Holistic Facilitators.

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