What is death

This channeling from the Source Field was facilitated by Lucia Giglioli, Antonio Mastidoro and Giancarlo Serra during the Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, Level 1 Class, in Cagliari on Sunday 5 February 2023.

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Could you say a few words about death – that may result from disease when we do not understand the message that is conveyed by it. What is death Really?

True Self

Your comment “death because the message was not understood“, is not correct. It is helpful to understand the message that disease conveys , but if the person’s attitude is not in alignment with the I Am that I Am, then the Man System in that incarnation chooses to restart the game.

Every experience is different because every experience contributes to the Expansion of the Whole.

So that you can understand, imagine the flow of Energy that the All Is: each particle of this Energy is the Energy itself, yet is at the same time separated into a form.

Now in the flow of Energy, when in this experience of which you are aware there is a repetition of the same experience and there is no movement, there is no willingness to comprehend signs inviting you to have new experiences, then the incarnation of which you have awareness is concluded in order to take it up on another level, but with a ‘game of synchronicity‘ this coincides with the experience that all people involved are living.

Therefore, in Reality, death does not exist because there is no separation.

The illusion you are experiencing is so seemingly real that, because it takes place on a tangible plane, it keeps you apart. But when you experience Energy, as you did today, you feel, you experience a Reality where there is no separation: All is One. That’s the Reality. So if All is One, and this is, there is no death, there is no birth: it is only an experience.

The Language of Evidence – The Unknown Language

We are two-dimensional beings: a dense (dimension) – which is a combination of the physical, emotional and mental body; and and a Subtle (dimension).

The dense aspect creates through thought and emotionswords – and the actions that result from it.

The Subtle aspect creates through frequencies.

Everything comes from the Subtle (Dimension) and manifests itself in matter (physical plane) to facilitate our self-realisation.

Everything is a communication for us.

However, in our perceived reality often the messages of Life (the Subtle sthat that each of us IS) are not understood, because they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

Channelling From The Source

If you want to receive information about your life or about the meaning and significance of what is happening to you directly from the Absolute, MaeStr’Ale offers you – free of charge and without any commitment on your part – the opportunity to have this dialogue with the Source channelled by our Holistic Facilitators.


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