THe Truth about the bodies of the human system

Extract from a channeling session on 1 March 2023.

Participant’s question

When I get in touch with my akashic records, two concepts are presented to me which are the Soul and my Higher Self, but I still don’t understand the difference. Can you tell me what the difference is?

True Self

Before telling you the difference it is important that you understand that we are still talking about illusions, because what we are talking about are your subtle bodies, the first separation from the All, your first choice of individualisation.

So The All chooses to incarnate into a form. The physical form is the last and dense manifestation. But individualisation is the System: the Kelly System.

Thus the Higher Self is the first individualisation which, by slowing down its vibration, creates the Soul, the Intuitive Body, the Causal, Mental, Emotional, and the Physical Body.

But if I describe them in this way, they all look like separate containers. In Reality it is not so: everything is interconnected, and everything about you contains everything, including the All.

So your Soul is that part of you that, in connection with the Higher Self, enables you to be oriented in the experience of Awakening.

The Intuitive Body is what enables you to recognise the Soul and let yourself be guided by the Higher Self.

The Causal Body is the one that enables you to have the earthly experience because it contains all the programs that you have chosen:  the programs in TOWARDS TO and MOVE AWAY FROM, so what you consider negative is also its opposite.

The Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies are the ones that enable you to manifest in the earthly dimension.

The Language of Evidence – The Unknown Language

We are two-dimensional beings: a dense (dimension) – which is a combination of the physical, emotional and mental body; and and a Subtle (dimension).

The dense aspect creates through thought and emotionswords – and the actions that result from it.

The Subtle aspect creates through frequencies.

Everything comes from the Subtle (Dimension) and manifests itself in matter (physical plane) to facilitate our self-realisation.

Everything is a communication for us.

However, in our perceived reality often the messages of Life (the Subtle sthat that each of us IS) are not understood, because they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

Channelling From The Source

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