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This channeling from the Source Field was facilitated by Lucia Giglioli, Antonio Mastidoro and Giancarlo Serra during the Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, Level 1 Class, in Cagliari on Sunday 5 February 2023.

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What is Disease?

Real Self

Disease is a form of communication, a manifestation that gives you an indication about your path. It is important for each of you to bear in mind your point of view. So if you look at what you call disease from a physical plane, you will be led to judge it as positive or negative, benevolent/evil, good/bad. This keeps you in separation. Therefore, you – a Divine Being having a human experience – have an enemy within your own body that fights against you. It is not reality. It is what it looks like, but it is not reality.

Therefore if you look through the lenses of the dense bodies “physical – emotional and mental“, you will always find an enemy. To then discover that the enemy does not exist, but Who You Really Are from your first earthly experience – and since time does not exist, then “before” doesn’t exist- constantly communicates with each of you to give you an indication of the next step to take in relation to your journey.

Now you need to look at the path in a way that is non-sequential. So there is no ‘before’ and ‘after’, there is no ‘start’ and an ‘finish’, but a “game of experience” where each human is called to experience in order to remember Who You Really Are, to live consistently with this Truth and to expand: expand one’s Consciousness, which is the consciousness of the whole.

In this ongoing form of communication you will receive indications all the time. When these indications are not understood, when the inner voice is ignored either because you do not listen or because of fear of the consequences in carrying out in the physical plane what needs to be done, then the communication moves to other planes, all the way up to the physical plane.

Then disease presents an opportunity to awaken, to rebalance its system, to recalibrate the part of your path that you are experiencing. It’s important to remember that Life is a flow: nothing is static, but everything takes shape based on the choices that each of you makes in its own journey, which is an incomprehensible game for your rational mind.

The Language of Evidence – The Unknown Language

We are two-dimensional beings: a dense (dimension) – which is a combination of the physical, emotional and mental body; and and a Subtle (dimension).

The dense aspect creates through thought and emotionswords – and the actions that result from it.

The Subtle aspect creates through frequencies.

Everything comes from the Subtle (Dimension) and manifests itself in matter (physical plane) to facilitate our self-realisation.

Everything is a communication for us.

However, in our perceived reality often the messages of Life (the Subtle sthat that each of us IS) are not understood, because they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

Channelling From The Source

If you want to receive information about your life or about the meaning and significance of what is happening to you directly from the Absolute, MaeStr’Ale offers you – free of charge and without any commitment on your part – the opportunity to have this dialogue with the Source channelled by our Holistic Facilitators.


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