Cutting Cords
Negative Energies

We live in a three-dimensional world of duality or polarity, in which we have light vs dark, balance vs imbalance, peace vs war, health vs illness, positive vs negative.

Humans are complex multidimensional beings that manifest in the three-dimensional reality, with a physical body. However, there is much more than what our five senses can pick up, in fact every human body is like the smallest of a series of Russian Dolls, where the other layers are energetic patterns/body that can combine in what we call the aura. Our energetic system is also a combination of energy centres (chakras) and energy lines (meridians).

There are different types of negative energies can affect our aura in different ways; the list below just gives some of them:

Negative Emotions, Thought Patterns and Behaviours – can create vulnerabilities in the aura that is exposed to intrusion by other negative energies. Negative beliefs and thought patterns can be related to childhood events, psychological and emotional traumas, past lives, psychological and soul fragmentation.

Childhood trauma can lead to dissociation and fragmentation, blocking the natural thought process. Wounds resulting from earlier traumas can remain in the psyche and the aura for years, sometime for the whole life. These negative energies can create permanent blocks in the aura, bringing more and additional issues over time.

– Cords – are energetic connections that connect people to other people, animals, objects, past lives, parallel lives, spirits, thought forms, places, archetypes, emotional patterns, fragments.

– Negative Spaces – there are places where we think ‘I want to get out of there”, we mostly feel it in our body or our gut (our ‘gut feeling’). Our multy-sensory system is telling us to move away. There are places where there could be spirits, portals, ley lines, thought forms and emotional patterns.

Ley Lines – these energetic lines circle the globe, connecting monuments and sacred sites with undetectable “earth energies.

– Psychic Attacks – are created by other people’s intention/thoughts. The attack can be conscious or unconscious as many people are not aware of the power of the mind. Jealousy, envy, anger, rage, and other negative emotions can create a permanent flow of negative energy that can affect people these thoughts/emotions are aimed at.

– Past Life Blocks – the death point in past lives is when the soul may carry over unresolved issues to the next lives. Past Life unresolved issues manifest through subconscious energetic blocks in the aura that can affect the person’s current lives in different ways: an illness, addictions, fears, phobias, depression, and emotional states. Through approaches such as Past Life Regression, these blocks can be healed and the person’s health improves as a result.

– Earthbound Spirits and Spirit Attachments – these are disincarnated souls that after death should have gone to the light, but for some reason are ‘stuck’ in the three dimensional world. These spirits can attach to people’s auras, affecting their thoughts, emotions, and health. In some occasions can also follow souls through past lives.

– Dark Force Entities (DFE’s) – Demonic forces that have control over earthbound spirits, extraterrestrial beings, human beings, animals and elementals.

– Extra-terrestrial Energies – Souls that have decided to incarnate in multidimensional beings not from this Earth.

– Curses, Contracts and Spells – These are also created with a strong intention to hurt another human being. In the case of Black Magic, the work is often carried out by a professional (Black Magic Practitioner/Witch).

What Are Cords?

Cords are energetic connections that connect a person with an object, another person (or people), an animal, a location, a thought form. These energetic connections are created naturally in our lives, we connect to other people and to everything that is around us; the difference is in the nature of these connections, which can be positive or negative.

An example of a positive cord is one created between mother and child in the first few years after the baby is born; or also the loving cords between people in a romantic relationship.

Cords can be attached to the aura, chakras, organs, brain, ears, throat and many other parts of the human energy system. They can be multidimensional, so cords can be actually originate in other dimensions, for example past and future lives, or parallel dimensions. Cords are energy, so it is very simple to use the intention to create a though form or cord. When we talk about ‘cutting energy cords’, our interest is of course only to cut negative cords that may be affecting the person.

Psychics and light workers can sense cords in different ways: can see them, feel them, and even smell them. Psychic energy can be detected by different psychic senses. This ability gives psychics and light workers the opportunity to help people with the negative effect involving the presence of these cords.

Cords have also a ‘thickness’ depending on how long the cords have been in place: ‘old’ cords are quite thick and difficult to cut, while ‘young cords’ are thinner and can be cut relatively easily.

One of the main reasons why cords are created in the first place is because of the need to control: control the person, an animal, an idea/thought, an object, a place. Because of this, may cords can be found attached to the solar plexus (energy centre of self-esteem, self-love), throat (controlling people’s ability to express), legs (ability to move forward), back (life support), root chakra (people’s ability to survive and enjoy life).

How Can Cords Affect Us?

The presence of negative energetic cords can:

– make you ill

– give you pain

– deplete your energy

– give you particular dreams

– create thought forms

– create an issue in personal relationships

– slow down your spiritual journey

A cord wrapped around the throat of a person will limit the ability of that person to express not only verbally, but also express in life. This could result in problems in the throat chakra and therefore psychical, emotional and metaphysical issues linked to this energy centre.

Our language does have expressions that sometime reflect our energetic situation, so that is why is very important to be aware of the way we talk or the language used by other people. Some of the expressions are: ‘my hands are tied’, ‘stabbed in the back’, ‘weight off my shoulders’, ‘getting punched in the stomach’, ‘sucking the life out of me’, ‘my head is exploding’ , ‘my heart is broken’, etc.

Energy vampires literally ‘suck the energy’ of other human beings, very often they do not do this consciously. Attention seeking can be a way through which some people draw energy from others.  

How To Detect Cords

Detecting a cord means find out if there is one or more cord attached to you (or another person) and then identifying where this cord (or cords) is attached.

This can be done in many different ways:

– During your daily meditation, set the intention to connect with your higher self and ask ‘Am I clear?’ and you may get a yes or no answer. Ask the same question 2/3 times. If you get a ‘no’, ask ‘do I have cords attached to my aura?’ ask 3 times. You can also check chakras, organs etc

– If you are a Reiki Practitioner, you can use the Byosen Scanning which is setting the intention to detect cords on your aura and then using the sensitivity of your non-dominant hand to detect where the cords are in your aura.

– You can use different tools such as pendulums, psychic readings, astral travel and much more.

– Once the cords have been identified, next step is to find out how they were created and where they are attached. If they are attached to a person, it may be useful to find out the agenda behind each cord.

Cutting Cords

There are many different ways that can be employed to cut energetic cords, from working with Archangel Michael, using crystals (Selenite, quarts and obsidian are very good), using angel sprays, flower essences, prayers and of course, Reiki.

– First of all, it is important to create a safe and sacred space. This can be done with intention alone, and also by lighting a few candles, using incense, angel sprays, salt lamps. Flowers and crystals help raising the energy in a room.

– Start by observing your breath and entering a meditative space.

– Imagine that you are sitting in a circle, with the person (the one you are attached to) sitting in front of you, also inside the circle. Slowly allow yourself become aware of the cords attaching the two of you. You may be able to see the colour, thickness, length of the cord. Also noticed whether the energy flows one way or both ways.

– Pick one cord at a time, and ask yourself why you allowed this attachment to form. What was the fear that caused it, and what was the benefit you gained.

– It may be a good idea to ask the other person if they have anything to add. If you can seek permission from the other person before cutting every cord and find out why, if they resist, and resolve that issue, then the cord cutting will bring you much more benefit.

– Once the reason for the presence of the cord is resolved, it may disappear by itself. If not, allow your intuition to guide you to the best way of cutting this cord. Once the cord is cut, burn the remains.

– Thank the person for teaching you valuable lessons, and ask them to leave the circle.

– Complete the process by doing a full self healing. Cord cutting can sometimes leave a little soreness in the aura, and this will heal any wounds.

When using Reiki, we can use all symbols we have been attuned to, in particular the Distance Symbol that allow us to connect to the origin of the energy we have detected. Reiki practitioners possess enhanced abilities that can help them integrating their knowledge and sensitivity to energy to the ability to channel Reiki healing energy that can heal negative blocks, including past lives, current lives and release spirit attachments.

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