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What Is A Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack involves an external energy that affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. These external energies can come from environmental energies and from people.

These are some of these environmental energies:

– Bright light

– Loud noise

– Pollution

– Electromagnetism

– Radio and cellular phone waves, Wi-Fi

– Geopathic stress

Psychic attacks generated from living people can include:

– Witchcraft

– Curses

– Black magic

Thought forms

– Psychic vampirism

– Energetic Cords

Thought forms can be our own thought forms or other people’s thought forms. They can also be collective.

We can create thought forms and perceive them as external energies that are attacking us. We can also perceive our own fragments, personalities, and archetypes in the same way, and feel that we are being attacked by external forces although in truth, we are attacking ourselves.

Psychic attacks can also come from non-living people such as earthbound spirits, elementals, extra-terrestrial beings, and dark force energies.

It is important to understand that a psychic attack can be successful only if we allow it to affect us.

We do have the power to repel an attack, but we should never respond to an attack by attacking the source of the attack, because everything we do comes back to us like a boomerang. We are a reflection of what we put out into the world.


Psychic attacks can be created intentionally, or unintentionally.

You may be affected by an unintentional psychic attack every time you pick up an energy from other people, like thought forms or emotions.

Perhaps you go to your favourite café and sit on a chair which is energetically charged with anger, or sadness, because the person who was sitting there before you were experiencing that emotion. If you are a very sensitive person, you will be sensitive to other energies, but it may be difficult for you to discern between your own and other people’s emotions.

If that chair was covered in dirt, you would probably wipe it with a piece of paper and some disinfectant, as the dirt would probably stain your clothes and even carry bacteria/viruses.

Likewise, ‘energetic dirt’ sticks to our physical body and subtle bodies (emotional, mental) affecting them in various ways. We do need to employ ‘energetic disinfectant’ in order to release the energetic dirt that accumulates on our energy field.

Consequently, we are potentially open to psychic attacks every time we find ourselves in environments that may be energetically challenging, such as hotels, cinemas, restaurants, airplanes and also every time we come into contact with objects that have been ‘energetically contaminated’ by other people.

It is important that we become energetically aware, which means we are aware of our own energy so that we can easily notice any changes resulting from external influences. If we do not develop this skill, we constantly find ourselves affected by energies that we are unable to distinguish between our own and other people’s.

“The commonest form of psychic attack is that which proceeds from the ignorant or malignant mind of our fellow human beings. We say ignorant as well as malignant, for all attacks are not deliberately motived; the injury may be as accidental as that inflicted by a skidding car.

This must always be borne in mind, and we should not impute malice or wickedness as a matter of course when we feel we are being victimised. Our persecutor may himself be a victim. We should not accuse a man of malice if we had linked hands with him and he had stepped on a live rail. Nevertheless, we should receive at his hands a severe shock.

So it may be with many an occult attack. The person from whom it emanates may not have originated it. Therefore we should never respond to attack by attack, thus bringing ourselves down to the moral level of our attackers, but rely upon more humane methods, which are, in reality, equally effectual and far less dangerous to handle.”

Dion Fortune, Psychic Self-Defence

Intentional psychic attacks are those carried out with a specific intention to do harm. We will explore this topic in a different post.

How can psychic attacks affect us?

When affected by negative energy, a person might feel dull, negative or get sick for a few days. Most people are capable of dealing with negative energy given a few days.

Entities, spirits and negative cords affect people for much longer and if they are intelligent forces, they can even go undetected for years. Sometimes people show no signs of being affected even to psychics, because the energy is well-masked.

These are a few symptoms that may suggest a psychic attack (Be aware that these are very often the result of other causes like poor diet, a physical illness, a negative state of mind):

Excessive fatigue: a persistent weakness and a lack of desire to participate in life may indicate that you are under a psychic attack or under the influence of an entity.

Physical Problems with no Medical Diagnosis: in extreme cases or if a person is weak, a psychic attack can result in physical problems, and in many cases there is nothing wrong physically when medical tests are done. Other common physical symptoms are: feeling of sharp pains, throbbing, tightness, a sinking feeling or waking up with unexplained bruises. Psychic attacks also reflect in the eyes; the eyes seem darker, heavier, and dark circles might suddenly appear.

– Strong Desire for Sensual Gratification/ Addictions: Many people tend to naturally depend on physical gratification, and this is not a sign of psychic attack. It may be a clear sign though, if a desire for gratification is sudden and unusual. For example, when a person who normally enjoys eating healthy starts craving for junk food. Or when some starts having an unusually high desire for sex. One might develop sudden, strange fetishes or OCD-like behaviours for no apparent reason. There might also be a tendency to get addicted to people who one knows aren’t the right kind, or the sort one might not even be normally interested in, but one can’t pull themselves away.

Hearing Voices or Sounds/ Seeing Shadows/ Feeling Touched or Watched: Psychic attacks can sometimes be manifest through sounds or shadows. Depending on the predominant sense of the person, he or she might hear, see or sense a presence. One might hear voices or sounds, see shadows or in extreme cases hallucinate, or feel touched at times. There might be a feeling of being watched, or cold sensations all over the body. The same symptoms are also shared by various mental illnesses.

Thinking Unusual Thoughts: One effect of a strong psychic attack is the presence of horrible thoughts which do not feel one’s own. One often wonders ‘what is wrong with me? I never think like this’. If you are suddenly experiencing irrational thoughts that don’t feel like they are yours, they are probably not.

Why do they happen?

Some people are naturally more susceptible to psychic attacks, and some are susceptible only during certain moments in their lives. People who are very well grounded are less vulnerable to being affected.

There are certain conditions that may make some people more vulnerable:

Environment: these present various energetic challenges to different people depending on how healthy their aura is. Remember, our aura is the equivalent to our immune system; a healthy strong aura will provide us with a very high protection, while a weak aura will be more vulnerable to some form of intrusion.

If you live in a space which is thoroughly cleansed and has a strong energy field, you are already quite safe. However, when you are in a place full of intrusive energies, a slight slip can leave you affected. There are places like cemeteries, hospitals, churches, pubs, clubs, old battle fields, that are energetically denser than others.

Sex: sex is not just a physical process, it exposes both people to each other’s energies and may result in negative cords, intentional and unintentional psychic attack and any entities may easily move from one person to another during intercourse.

Psychic Activities: Engaging in psychic activities like telepathically communicating with someone creates channels of energy connecting people, and these forces can easily travel from one continent to another through such openings. Deliberately indulging in psychic activity such as using Ouija boards, out of body experiences, taking part in ayahuasca retreats and similar, or lucid dreaming can leave a person exposed and sometimes leave them affected for years.

Healing: Feeling very sympathetic again opens up a person to another’s energy, as do some systems of healing. If the technique of healing you use involves a lot of cleansing rituals, rest assured that that is because such a system leaves you very exposed. Some healing systems are more effective in sending dark energies directly to the light, whereas others require more involvement from the healer, which can be risky if he healer is not well-grounded.

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How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks

First, we need to determine whether what we are experiencing as an external energy attacking us is part of our own energy or something else.

A way to simply establish this is by asking yourself “Is …. (what I am experiencing) …. mine?”

For example, if you go to the gym and after you have left, you start experiencing a back pain, the first thing to ascertain is whether the back pain is yours or not.

“Is this back pain mine?”

Your answer may be a physical reaction of the body (cold/hot, lightness/heaviness, sense or pressure, tingling), you may hear a “yes” or “no” in your mind, or you may receive a clear picture in your mind. You will find that it is quite easy to receive an answer even if you have not done this before.  

If you realise that the external energy you are experiencing is not yours then you can ask that it is removed. This is not an automatic process, but it does require you to explicit request as the Universe always respect our free will.

As you as you have ascertained that the external energy is not yours, you may say: “I release the …. (external energy) …. into the Universe”.

In the example above, we may say:

“I release the back pain that my body is currently experiencing into the Universe”.

Otherwise, if the external energy is yours you take the appropriate steps to deal with it. You could take an aspirin, do some exercise or if you are a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, you can use your knowledge and tools to deal with it.

You can use the Byosen scanning or Reiji-Ho to scan your energy to ascertain the nature of the external energy. Once you have identified the part of your body or aura that has been affected, you can give yourself self-healing.

Sometimes practicing Grounding Exercises are often all you need to release the external energy (see also The Power Of Grounding).

You can also follow these simple rules for protecting yourself from negative energies.

Psychic Attack – Key Points to Consider

A psychic attack involves an external energy that affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

– Psychic attacks can come from environmental factors, living people, and entities.

– They can be intentional and unintentional.

– A psychic attack can be successful only if we allow it to affect us.

– We can easily release any energies that do not belong to us by setting a clear intention

– The first defence against psychic attacks is to have a healthy aura. In order to do this, we need to maintain a high vibration by looking at our aspects: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

– Never respond to an attack with an attack; the Law of the Universe dictates that whatever we give out will always come back to us, whether immediately or much later. Our karma is also affected.

– It is our own responsibility to be aware of our own energy and to protect it from negativity. If we work as healers, we need to make sure that our energy is clear so that we will protect the wellbeing of our clients.

– Energy Follows Thought: every time we think we move energy. Unconscious thoughts (gossiping, jealousy, anger) directed to another person often results in psychic attacks. We need to be aware and become responsible for what we think.

– We can use different tools to protect and cleanse our energy, by applying knowledge through daily practice.

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