Root Chakra
Mūlādhāra or Root Chakra

What Are Chakras?

> First Chakra: Root Chakra

> Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra

> Third Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra

> Fourth Chakra: Heart Chakra

> Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra

> Sixth Chakra: Brow Chakra

> Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra

This is the first centre in which our personal power and wellbeing originate.

It is activated at birth when the umbilical cord is cut, it channels the life force into our physical body, concentrating its flow on the area from the tailbone down through the feet, helping us establish our footing and take our place in the world.

Location: perineum, in the coccyx area, feet, legs, and “roots” of your being, connected with the element of Earth.

This is the first centre in which our personal power and wellbeing originate.

On the colour spectrum, this chakra vibrates energetically to the colour red.

This chakra is also related to your family of origin and your human tribe . It is associated with your sense of safety , security , stability , our basic needs , and feeling at home within your skin .

What Is The Influence Of The Root Chakra?

– Base of spine first three vertebrae

– Legs.

– Bones.

– Rectum.

– Feet.

– Immune system.

– Colon.

– Bladder.

6 Signs Your Root Chakra May Be Blocked

1. You are nervous and anxious all the time.

2. You are experiencing problems in the colon, bladder, and lower back.

3. You are feeling insecure about your safety.

4. You are afraid of change and the future.

5. You have feelings of being disconnected and isolated.

6. You are feeling nervous and fearful.

6 Signs Your Root Chakra May Be Blocked

– Chronic lower back pain.

– Constipation.

– Arthritis.

– Rectal and immune disorders.

– Depression.

– Multiple personality disorder.

– Obsessive compulsive disorder.

– Addictions.

– Bladder or colon problems.

– Sciatica.

– Varicose veins.

– Pain and stiffness in your feet and legs.

– Excess flexibility in your hamstrings/low sense of physical stability.

– Anemia.

– Obesity.

– Chronic fatigue.


– Physical family home life feels chaotic and unsettled.

– Feeling ungrounded, unsafe, and insecure.

– Feeling stuck in life/low sense of flexibility.

– Feeling insecure about finances

– Ability to provide for life’s necessities and stand up for yourself.

– Social and familial law and order.

– Abandonment fears.

– Family bonding.

– Identity.

– Tribal honour code.

– Support and loyalty.

– Low self esteem.

9 Ways To Balance Your Root Chakra

 9 Ways To Balance Your Root Chakra
9 Ways To Balance Your Root Chakra
Chakras: What Are They?

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