8 Wonderful Ways Reiki Can Help To Heal Your Life
8 Wonderful Ways Reiki Can Help To Heal Your Life
Reiki Healing

Reiki is practiced by millions of people worldwide and there are over one hundred styles that have evolved from the system developed by Mikao Usui in 1922, which he called Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Reiki Healing Method).

Reiki healers do not create Reiki energy within themselves, do not take it from other people or from a random source of energy, but they are channels for the Reiki energy. They do not push, manipulate, interfere nor they use their mental energy to create the results they want for themselves or for the receiver.

Reiki works holistically: on the whole body, mind and spirit. It is not a system of religious beliefs.

It is quite difficult to adequately describe Reiki to anyone who has never experienced healing energy or working with energy. Reiki is a personal experience.; one person’s experience cannot be felt by or experienced by another person.

The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to induce relaxation, relieve stress and pain, accelerate natural healing, release emotional blockages, balance subtle bodies energies and support other medical modalities including traditional therapies. In addition, Reiki helps bring about inner peace and harmony, enhancing learning, memory and mental clarity. Reiki is a way of life and it can be a valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth.

It is not necessary to meditate or concentrate or go into an altered state to use Reiki. It can be easily learned by anyone and can also practiced remotely.

Reiki is usually practiced by simply placing your hands on yourself for self-healing or someone with the intention of giving a Reiki session. However, there are many other ways that Reiki energy can be used in more advanced and specialised ways.

Here you will find a description of 8 different approaches that Reiki Masters and experienced energy work practitioners can take when working on themselves and with clients.

1. Past Life Healing

Present-life conflicts and problem areas nearly always stem from traumatic events in earlier lives. The person’s present-life experience is contaminated and influenced by mental, emotional and physical residues retained from traumatic episodes in past incarnations.

Events and patterns in past lives can influence your behaviour, attitudes, relationships, phobias, addictions and virtually every aspect of your present life.

The unresolved memories of past events reside in our consciousness and are often triggered in our current life.

Powerlessness in a relationship issue may come from a past life of being abused; a migraine or shoulder pain may be telling a story of an old wound or accident. A chronic sore throat may come from a past life death involving choking or hanging. When these past events stop us from enjoying our current lives, they can be resolved by healing that past life or past lives that are connected.

Resolution of past-life trauma traumatic events and their residues can ease or even eliminate present-life issues and conflicts.

Past life healing goes to the root of present-life symptoms and problems, and eliminate residues and energy patterns from previous lives.

The energetic release resulting from conflict-resolution can lead to healing of unreasonable anger and resentment, fear and terror, sadness and loss, guilt and remorse, victimisation, undelivered communication, unfulfilled expectations, attitudes and behaviours of other differences of all sorts.

Reiki can loosen the emotional chains holding you back, after which they can be released so you can focus on your purpose here on Earth – consequently, the current life can be lived more fully and freely without the interference from the memories of past life experiences contaminating and distorting present experience, achieving, and restoring prefect peace of body, mind, and spirit.

2. Create Wealth In Your Life

Our inner state of being creates our reality in this worldand therefore lays the foundation for a strong Reiki practice. In order to achieve a goal you need a clear and strong intention, focused on your goal.

You attract what you are, and what you think you are. If you struggle to have enough money is because you are sending out the wrong message into the Universe; change the message and you will start witnessing incredible financial abundance in your life.

We work with an unlimited supply of healing energy, guided by the highest Divine Love and Wisdom. Therefore the first step in creating a wealthy life is reminding yourself that you need to trust and be confident that the Divine will help you manifest health, wealth and support you with your healing work.

It’s important that you heal any negative beliefs you may have about money with Reiki. If you want to manifest wealth in your life, you must have a healthy relationship with money, a relationship that empowers you to manifest your spiritual values in the material world.

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3. Cord Cutting

Cords are energetic connections that connect a person with an object, another person (or people), an animal, a location, a thought form.

These energetic connections are created naturally in our lives, we connect to other people and to everything that is around us; the difference is in the nature of these connections, which can be positive or negative.

An example of a positive cord is one created between mother and child in the first few years after the baby is born; or also the loving cords between people in a romantic relationship.

Cords can be attached to the aura, chakras, organs, brain, ears, throat and many other parts of the human energy system. They can be multidimensional, so cords can actually originate in other dimensions, for example past and future lives, or parallel dimensions.

Cords are energy, so it is very simple to use the intention to create a though form or cord. When we talk about ‘cutting energy cords’, our interest is of course only to cut negative cords that may be affecting us or another person.

When using Reiki, we can use symbols to connect to the origin of the energy we have detected. Reiki practitioners possess enhanced abilities that can help them integrating their knowledge and sensitivity to energy to the ability to channel Reiki healing energy that can heal and cut negative cords, improving their lives.

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4. Healing Sub-Personalities & Ego-States

Ego-State Therapy is a developed form of therapy dealing with sub-personalities. The multiple personality is that person who has been subjected usually to extreme kinds of trauma.

“Ego-states are beings separate from the conscious self, and living in separate existence at another level of consciousness. They are all beings, each conscious and alive in their own reality.

Is a psychic reality, not a physical one. It is a realm ruled by consciousness, not the laws of matter. Once I accepted ego-states as real beings, I accepted also the reality in which they existed. I changed the way I thought about them and how I treated them in therapy.”

Dr Tom Zinser, Soul-Centered Healing

The basic understanding is that when a person is overwhelmed by trauma, the mind can split off that experience of trauma and in a sense move the conscious self aside and create a sub-personality to take over that experience. That sub-personality will assume the conscious mind and its job will be to do whatever is needed for the person to survive or to protect the person from pain, or threat, or hurt.

These sub-personalities can have a strong influence on the person, sometimes they are strong enough that they can set up emotional patterns of behaviour in the person’s life.

Sub-personalities have their own beliefs, needs, motivation and free will. Which mean, after death the soul goes to the Light but a number of sub-personalities may decide that they do not want to go to the Light because they think this would bring up the pain. They do not understand that this pain can be released; what they understand is that pain is all happening again.

Advanced healing work can help make contact with a sub-personality or sub-personalities that is or are involved in the presenting problem, the difficulties that they are bringing to the healing process. Reiki healing can often support these sub-personalities in their journey of healing an integration with the soul.

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5. Spirit Release

In the natural cycle of life and death, the spirit moves to the Light after it has left the body. However, sometimes spirits become what is known as earthbound, because they cannot progress as they remain mentally attached to the earth plane for various reasons such as unfinished business, traumatic death, anxiety for a loved one on Earth, fear of the Light etc.

They may be referred to as ghosts, spirits or intelligent hauntings, but are generally thought to possess the same personality and traits as the person who has passed on.

Earthbound spirits are rarely malicious, most of the times they are just confused and look for help. They manifest in different ways: they may stay in houses or places, or they attach to a living person.

” Spirits become bound to the earth for many different reasons, all of them having to do with the spirit’s consciousness. Depending on what they have been taught, some spirits are afraid that in the Light they will be judged and punished. Hoping to avoid what they believe will be painful; they attach themselves instead to some place or some person in the physical reality”

(Soul-Centered Healing, Thomas Zinser, Ed. D.)

The presence of earthbound spirits can affect people in a number of ways, such as having mood swings and character changes, feeling tired all the time for no apparent reason, experiencing memory disturbance and/or poor concentration, hearing disturbing voices, etc.

When Reiki healers work with people who present spirit attachments, they are helping both the person and the spirit (or spirits) at the same time. Their ‘job‘ is to identify how many spirits are attached to the person’s energy, the reason they are there in the first place, how and when they had access, what their agenda is and ultimately they need to be helped go to the Light. The healer then needs to heal the vulnerability that allowed the spirit to attach, preventing further intrusion.

Reiki healers then need to heal the energy field of the person and also provide him/her with tools that can be used to prevent this happen again.

It is a very comprehensive, complex and fulfilling work that has a great impact on the spiritual dimensions of each person.

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6. Reiki & Crystals

Crystals are very easy to work with anyway however as a Reiki practitioner you have another way of working with them with Reiki energies that is well worth looking at in more detail.

If you are a Reiki Master, both of the Reiki Master symbols are powerful tools for interacting with and opening up the energy fields of anything.

Crystals are naturally growing structures and some of their electromagnetic properties resemble those of the human energy field and they respond well to Reiki and to the Reiki Master symbols.

As we know, crystals have the ability to absorb, store and emit energy and since information can be encoded as energy patterns (i.e. like electromagnetic patterns on the magnetic hard disk of a computer: or energy imprints created in homeopathy; or as a patterned of reflected light waves in laser and CD technology, photography and film etc) crystals can therefore be programmed with information and dedicated to certain frequencies of energy.

When we programme a crystal, we transfer and imprint the energy patterns of our thoughts and intentions or simply the energy itself onto the energy structure of the crystal. The use of the Reiki symbols prepares the crystal and also can help to amplify and protect the imprint.

Although crystals are not usually used in a Reiki session, experienced practitioners who are also qualified as Crystal Healers can work with both, providing that the client knows what service they are going to get when they book a session.

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7. Creating Powerful Protection

Any act performed with intention becomes a rite. We can take a bath with no more in mind than physical cleanliness; in which case the bath will cleanse our bodies and no more. Or we can take a bath with a view to ritual cleanliness, in which case its efficacy will extend beyond the physical plane. We therefore perform certain physical actions not only as a means of clearing etheric conditions, but also as a means of definitely effecting astral ones through the imagination, a very potent weapon in all magical operations.

Dion Fortune – Psychic Self-Defence

We are aware that our inner energies get distorted by incoming energy from another person or people. We all have a natural defence mechanism that helps us deal with this problem.

Traditionally, this has been called the aura, and acts in an analogous way to the Earth’s atmosphere. This protective shield cuts out some of the harmful radiation from the sun and bums up meteorites before they do too much damage to the Earth’s surface.

The task of your aura is to protect you from incoming energies that could potentially upset your equilibrium.

The aura is traditionally perceived by clairvoyants as an energy field that emanates from the physical body for a distance of a few feet and contains different colours, reflecting the health and state of conscious­ness of the person in question.

However, there are circumstances when the aura is not able to protect us from intrusion. This may depend on our state of mind and our physical, mental and emotional health. Vulnerabilities are also created in our aura by sub-personalities, ego-states and past lives.

Reiki healing can help us creating a very powerful protection, by giving ourselves Reiki every day we can strengthen our energetic immune system and consequently ‘prevent rather than cure‘. Reiki can also help us healing the source of these vulnerabilities, healing past lives, releasing spirit attachments and cutting negative cords.

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8. Working With Symbols

Reiki symbols are sacred. Traditionally, they are kept confidential and only revealed to those who take Reiki 2 and higher levels and thus receive the appropriate attunements. The idea of the secrecy is that you show respect for the symbols by treating them with the appropriate reverence.

The symbols are important elements of the Usui Method of Natural Healing and each symbol represents certain metaphysical energies.  Some of the symbols originate from Japanese Kanji and some come from a combination of Sanskrit and Tibetan characters. The mantras (or sacred names) are in Japanese.

The Reiki symbols are transcendental and they connect directly to a Higher Consciousness. Whenever a Reiki symbol is used by someone has been attuned to Reiki Level Two, then it changes the way that the Reiki energy functions. It maintains its integrity as Reiki energy but the energy takes on different qualities depending on which symbol or combination of symbols has been used.

The Reiki symbols act as tools for accessing the Universal Energy Field (Rei) and they help us to communicate our intention and request for support in healing directly to a Higher Consciousness. As we activate the symbols we can use any combination of visualisation, mantric practice (the sacred names of the symbols) and meaning into a most powerful focus.

Intention is the most powerful tool for invoking Reiki and when working with symbols.  Energy follows thought and the combination of your intention to support healing together with the energy of Reiki and the symbols is a very powerful process.

The Reiki symbols can be used to help direct this process to a specific person, situation, time, or object etc.  Effectively, they provide an energetic vehicle for your intent and help you to focus your intention.  The symbols are tools and like all tools they do not have power unless they are being used in combination with your intention.

One way to gain familiarity with the symbols is of course to work with them. You could try using one symbol per week for each of your self-healing sessions so that you can get used to the energy of that specific symbol before moving on and familiarising yourself with the next symbol.

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