Revise Relationship With This Neville Goddard's Technique
Everyone Is YOU pushed out

Revise a scene in your imagination of a relationship you have and a specific or typical conversation you have with this person. Imagine a new scene using the Neville Goddard technique of revision. This meditation also uses the concept of ‘everyone is you pushed out’ as well as guided imagery techniques of using an image to dialogue within for understanding.

Neville Goddard’s manifestation techniques are very effective, and they all rely on the power of imagination, not wishful thinking. All of Neville’s techniques use imagery and rely on the power of the mind.

His techniques listed at the end of this post are quite similar because they are based on the same philosophy. Neville believed that if you create the scene of your desire in your imagination and live as though that wish has been fulfilled (ignoring all physical evidence of your current reality), then the imagined desire would manifest to become your reality. In order to manifest, you must think and feel as though your wish has been fulfilled.

The central theme of Neville Goddard’s teachings is that you are the creative power of the Universe. What you experience in your outer world is a reflection of your state of your mind. This is a direct application of the Absolute Truth or Fundamental Law: One is All, All is One.

Because of this you can use your imagination to tune into that version of yourself, in the field of infinite possibilities, that you want to experience in your physical reality. In order to benefit from his teachings, it’s important to accept that you are the operating power of your reality.

You create your life and your experiences, in fact these are ‘like mirrors‘ that are constantly communicating with you, about you and your attitude towards yourself. This happens through your thoughts, beliefs and imagined scenarios. Because of this you can change anything you’re experiencing that you don’t want.

Neville Goddard’s Revise Relationship Technique

With this technique you can revise a scene with a person in your life, in a conflict, in a relationship, that you would like to see differently. This technique enables you to go into your imagination and create a new scene.

REMEBER that everyone is YOU pushed out.

The intention for this exercise is that you want peace and you want this relationship or conflict resolved, in any way that makes sense to you.

You do not have to understand it, or know it right now; you just have to be willing to go within.

Step 1

Close your eyes and begin to relax. Imagine you are taking a big eraser, and you are beginning to erase all the patterns of thoughts in your mind right now. You may see words or thoughts, you do not have to know or understand what these are, but you are just erasing them.

You are clearing the way. Keep erasing the words, the letters, the numbers and the symbols that you may see or sense in your mind.

Step 2

Now, in your imagination, put the eraser down and focus on your breathing. Nice and steady breaths. Relax your head, your shoulders, your back, your arms, the muscles of your chest and your abdomen, down your pelvis, your legs, your knees, your feet and your toes.

Keep focusing on your breath, and you are are feeling more and more on peace, more and more calm.

Step 3

Now begin to imagine a person you are in conflict with. What feeling are you having when this person emerges in your imagination? Take a note of the feeling.

What feeling do you want to have what you look into the eyes of this person in front of you?

What is this person doing? What do they look like? What are their eyes doing? Are they looking at you?

Continue to look at this person.

Step 4

Imagine that you are starting to light up, there is a light emanating from you, and is spreading all around you. You feel this light growing and expanding in your heart. You feel yourself getting more and more peaceful, calm, and understanding.

You are looking at this person and you see them from a new light, from a new perspective. You are starting to see and look how they are changing now visually.

Maybe they are looking at you now, maybe they are smiling, maybe they have a light around them and expanding their energy field.

Continue to imagine what they are doing now, in front of you.

Step 5

Now the two of you are more in touch with the Light within you. and you see your light is radiating towards them now.

Just for a moment you look at them and you see yourself, you see a mirror of yourself radiating back at you. You continue to look at this image for a moment, with understanding, and compassion.

Now this person is back on themselves and you are looking at them, and you are revising the scene, you are revising a typical conversation you have with this person. You may revise a specific recent conversation you had with this person, a dialog with this image.

Ask them specifically what it is you can do for them.

Ask them if there is a message they would like to give you right now. Take some time to let this person know the relationship you would like to have with them. Ask to them what they see and listen for their answer.

Step 6

When you are ready, you will begin to come back to yourself, remembering all that you imagined. Understanding and having a knowing, a true understanding, of everything that happened. Feeling a light within you, feeling peace, the light is shining around them and around this whole moment, and around this revised scene.

Knowing that this person is part of you, that you are connected and that you are ONE. Understanding the message of this moment. Take that with you.

When you are ready, start to come back to yourself and open your eyes and come back to the now.

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