Catching A Cold - What's The Message For Me?

Trascript in Italian


What is the communication of the Absolute regarding the cold?


A cold carries a message that is about your fear of an unspecified, and only hypothesised, danger; a danger that is not seen, heard or touched but only … “smelt”.

The process is similar to that used by dogs when they sense something they don’t see: they sniff the air to try to grasp the nature of the threat.

When the presumed danger ceases, the biological “alertness” process ceases, and the dog begins to sneeze and to have a runny nose.

The difficult breathing, together with the production of mucus constitutes the following Evidence: Life invites you to stop imagining scenarios created by your mind, that are fuelled by fear which take your breath away. This result in you being unable to breathe, so to be in contact with air (lack of air) which results in energy congestion (mucus).

Through the Evidence of the difficulty in breathing and the production of mucus, Life invites you to stop imagining scenarios fuelled by fear and created by the mind that are which, by taking your breath away, deprives you of contact with the Intangible (lack of air), generating energy congestion (mucus).

Channelling From The Source

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