DId I choose my family


This is an extract of an individual channeling session from the Source Field that was facilitated by Lucia, Antonio and myself of the Associazione di Promozione Sociale MaeStr’Ale on 20 April 2023.

It was originally channeled in Italian. I have translated the original text into English, and you can find this below.

The language used by the Source Field is quite profound, so the English translation may not be as accurate. However, my advice is not to get caught up in words, but tune into the vibration of the channeling. After all is all about energy.

I have introduced my own comments and interpretation in italic in brackets (GS).

It is true that I have chosen my family?

Yes. You have chosen the version of your parents that would enable you to support you in the Path you had chosen.

Is it clear for you?

Yes. Is it part of my Path to heal my family’s wounds, of my original family (father, mother, etc.)?

By saying “healing wounds” you are assuming that there is someone and something that is separate from you. Now, what you seek is peace: peace for you and peace for what appears to you as other than yourself.

Many approaches exist, since Man in his individualisation [Translator note: the All singled out in human form] is physical, emotional, mental, but also causal, intuitive, spiritual, and a Divine body.

Now, healing wounds pertains to the emotional body – but you are so much more. And when you look at your family as a gift, as a bearer of ongoing messages for you, by rediscovering that you are One (Translator note: All There Is) you will have healed any alleged wounds.

Letting go of anger, frustration, and past-related resentment or judgment is your first step in the healing journey — the first step in realigning yourself with Who You Really Are.

Is it clear for you?

I think so. I understand what you said. The difficulty is letting go of anger and being neutral. On one level I’ve accepted my family, but on another level I’m wondering what boundaries I have to have in place with my family. Where is the dividing line between me and my family?

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life, even what seems to be other people’s responsibility. So with regards to your parents, your father [Translator note: in the field of infinite possibilities, this is the version of your father that is you pushed out] shows you how you relate to your “life orientation” which is still very much rooted in your need for external validation.

So for you it is an invitation to stop seeing yourself only through external validation. In recognizing yourself as a Divine Being who has an earthly experience, you let go of need to be accepted and the relationship with your father will change, as a result of what you do, but in relation to the Energy and the Frequency that binds you both.

And this change will dissolve anger, because it no longer has a reason to exist.

Messages From True Self
channelled on 20.04.2023

Messages From The True Self

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