how can i let go of judgement


This is an extract of an individual channeling session from the Source Field that was facilitated by Lucia, Antonio and myself of the Associazione di Promozione Sociale MaeStr’Ale on 6 February 2023.

It was originally channeled in Italian, you can find the original text in Italian here. I have translated the original text into English, and you can find this below.

The language used by the Source Field is quite profound, so the English translation may not be as accurate. However, my advice is not to get caught up in words, but tune into the vibration of the channeling. After all is all about energy.

I have introduced my own comments and interpretation in italic in brackets (GS).

Other people’s judgement is quite painful to me. I move forward in my path but I feel a sense of heaviness for the choices I made and that other people do not accept. I continue to suffer as a result of hearing their voices, the judgment of other people who don’t understand the choices I made, and in my stomach I the lack of support from others and it hurts me not to be understood.

I would like to understand why I have all this resistance against me, why it continues to persist despite my attempts not to give it importance.

So my question is: how can I detach myself from the judgment of others, go on my way and do what I think is right for me without carrying this weight on my shoulders?

Everything that happens outside of you is a representation, a projection of what happens inside you. Therefore, in the face of judgement, of criticism, the question for you is: “What, in my Path of Expansion, I judge of myself?”.

Therefore, if a stranger is criticising or judging you, the question that you need to ask yourself is: “How in my Path of Expansion do I continue to make judgments that do not belong to me? ‘. These are those judgments that come from inherited beliefs and convictions from your parents, from your history that you have taken in this incarnation.

If the judgment comes from a family member, for example from your partner, then the question to ask is: “How do I judge myself in my attitude towards life?”.

For you to understand what you see on the outside is the manifestation, the continuous judgment you make about yourself. So: “Am I doing well? Am I doing it wrong? It’s right? It’s wrong? Am I worthy? Am I not worthy? Am I at fault or not?” It is an continuoUs mental chat about yourself.

So, since you have chosen always to follow what guides you in your Deepest sense, the next step for you is to totalLy trust this Guide, knowing with absolute certainty that it is your Higher Self that is guiding you.

So there is no mistake, there is no mistake: the more you see yourself in the Path of Expansion, the less you will encounter situations of judgment outside of yourself.

Messages From True Self
channelled on 08.11.2022

Messages From The True Self

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