I Have Done A Lot .... But I Have Not Seen Any Result


This is an extract of an individual channeling session from the Source Field that was facilitated by Lucia, Antonio and myself of the Associazione di Promozione Sociale MaeStr’Ale on 31 March 2022.

It was originally channeled in Italian, you can find the original text in Italian here. I have translated the original text into English, and you can find this below.

The language used by the Source Field is quite profound, so the English translation may not be as accurate. However, my advice is not to get caught up in words, but tune into the vibration of the channeling. After all is all about energy.

I have introduced my own comments and interpretation in italic in brackets (GS).


I Have Done A Lot …. But I Have Not Seen Any Result

True Self

You are looking for an answers in cause – effect (GS: the universal law of cause and effect, every single action in the universe produces a reaction – read this article), but on a Subtle level there is no cause – effect, since the events of life are the result of what happens inside yourself and are moved by your perception, through Synchronicity.

Various aspects such as relationships, aspects, finance, legal, health, etc. have the sole purpose of inviting you to change your attitude towards Life and to observe the point you have reached in order to take the next step.

So for you every event is an invitation to have a balance between matter and Spirit, and to stop to be out of balance in the way you see the material aspect of Life, while you look for answers in duality, you see people like as if they were separate from you and you seek what’s reasonable, who’s right or who’s wrong, what’s right or what’s wrong. But this way of seeing things is what exactly keeps you in duality and the illusion.

You Are not this: You have an experience of this.

Therefore you have nothing to do, but to observe.

Imagine you are looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing yourself in the physical form of what appears other than yourself, as something else, illusorily separate from you: observe what it shows you on an earthly level.

You don’t recognise those features in yourself, but at a deep level they are present within you: anger, frustration, revenge, plans and strategies to achieve results, etc.

These show you exactly this.

And it’s for you is the invitation to work and change these aspects within yourself.

As long as your focus and attention will be that of solving the problems of your “mirrors” (GS: other people that you perceive outside of yourself), you will continue to have the same attitude that is shown to you by what appears to you as other than you.

The leap that enables you to transmute, and therefore to go beyond, is to accept that those aspects belong to you and are shown to you to facilitate your Awakening, so that you can fully manifest your Divinity.

The Language of Evidence – The Unknown Language

We are two-dimensional beings: a dense (dimension) – which is a combination of the physical, emotional and mental body; and a Subtle (dimension).

The dense aspect creates through thought and emotionswords – and the actions that result from it.

The Subtle aspect creates through frequencies.

Everything comes from the Subtle (Dimension) and manifests itself in matter (physical plane) to facilitate our self-realisation.

Everything is a communication for us.

However, in our perceived reality often the messages of Life (the Subtle that each of us IS) are not understood, because they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

Channelling From The Source

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