in order to heal you must do nothing

This is an extract of a channeling session with the True Self originally channeled in Italian and then translated into English.

The language used by the True Self is quite profound in nature, so the English translation may not be as accurate as the original message in Italian. However, as everything is energy and frequency, do not let your rational mind interfere with this process, simply receive what you are supposed to receive right now.

If you have come to this page, you have manifested this in your reality, so you are in the right place at the right time.

The Language of Evidence

We are two-dimensional beings: we have a dense dimension – made of a physical body, an emotional body and a mental body – and a Subtle dimension.

The dense dimension creates through thought and emotions – words – and the actions that we take as a result.

The Subtle dimension creates through frequencies.

Everything in created in the Subtle dimension and manifested into matter, facilitating our manifestation. Everything that we preceive outside of ourselves is a communication for us.

However, in the reality that we perceive through oure senses – the messages of Life (the Subtle that each of us Is) are not understood since they communicate with an unknown language: the language of Evidence.

In order to heal you must do nothing

I have a very serious eye disease, which I had since I was a child. I’m very short-sighted, I had a maculopathy on the right eye, and now I have a glaucoma on the other eye, the left eye, that used to see well, so I have visual field changes. This pathology has evolved dramatically in a very short time since I had eye surgery. So I’ve always wondered about the meaning of this, which is what this disease means to me. That’s “not wanting to see,” but what? What can it be related to? And what can I do?

You have already understood that it is a communication for you. So consider it a communication, for it is not against you but for you.
When you incarnated you have taken with you tools and challenges to experience who you are not, to rediscover Who You Are and to live consistently with this. So, what your eyes are telling you is to open yourself to a new vision of Life.
The new vision of Life has been in front of you since you were a child. You put your sensitivity all your perceptions aside because you were afraid that they were fantasies or because of fear of judgment of others. But your ability to see Reality, Reality with a capital “R”, is extremely developed and at the same time silenced.
You know what I mean?

In part. I mean, what I feel, I see … I’m afraid of … is always a little criticized by others, so I put it aside?

So, you have always adjusted to the earthly dual reality by observing your life only through the eyes of duality.
At some point in your Path you started searching in order to understand. Now you are able to do it fully, overcoming what prevents you from seeing.
The Reality is that you are not a human being on a path to becoming Divine but, on the contrary, you are a Divine Being who is having an earthly experience.
Do you understand the difference?

Yes, I do understand this.

Therefore, since all is One, and since you exist, you are Oneneness, individualised in a dense form that has your name.
Is it clear for you?

Yes, it is clear, I have been telling myself this several times … according to what I read … but I cannot understand how to overcome this problem. I mean, it’s like … maybe I become rational, and it seems impossible to me. So, I ask myself: what can I do? What should I do? That’s what you said, yes, I know, like … I understand … but then how can I step up?

You have the opportunity to make a radical change. But for this to happen you need to let go of old ways of thinking, convictions and beliefs, old agreements and choose to approach Life in a totally new way.
The good news is that you have nothing to do. This for the human mind is inconceivable because the earthly dimension is engaged in the cause – effect, so “I do this to get that”. But in Reality, it is not so. All your changes, all your successes happened and happen for all those who appear to you other than you when their inner frequency is consistent with their thoughts, with their emotions, with their intentions. So, it is not a “making material”, but it is a realignment of one’s System to the Divine Frequency that You Are.
Is that clear?

But I say to myself “how can I realign to the Divine Frequency?”. That is, how can I increase my frequency? Because I meditate, I do energetic practices, but then I am afraid that I will return to the low frequency, so the frequency does not happen. And I can’t figure out how to do that.

Begin to observe the Life that You Are with the eyes of the Evidence: therefore, whatever you encounter in your life, remember that it is a communication for you that you are creating through your incarnate Self.
For you to understand: since all is One, everything that appears to you other than you is your projection that shows you what is happening inside you. It shows you the next step on your path. But if you look at it and you judge it as good/evil, good/bad, right/wrong, you miss the communication because you consider the event, or the person, or what has been said, or what you have heard, or seen as something separate from you. In Reality nothing is separated: all is One and everything comes to you for your Highest Good, even what you judge as negative. Then the first change for you is to observe with neutrality in order to grasp the message that Life is bringing you.
You know what I mean?

No, not really, in the sense that I asked myself: “This is a message that is bringing me … but why am I losing my sight?”. It doesn’t happen to everyone that they lose their sight just to get a message of change. Why the sight and not another medical condition?

It involves your “Sight” because it is inviting you to see. What you usually do is to compare yourselves with other human beings. But everyone has his own Path: all is One, Oneness has individualised itself in infinite forms to experience who is not, rediscover Who Is and live coherently with this. So you are the individualised Oneness, like any other human being is the Onenrdd – therefore always You – individualised in another form.
The human mind cannot understand rationally, for it processes everything sequentially and does not contemplate the simultaneity and enormity of the manifestation of the Oneness. So you see the change is not in “doing”, but in observing Life from another point of view, opening yourself to the possibility that what you know, that you know and that you believe is only the tip of the iceberg of Reality. To observe Reality, you have to be open to not knowing it.
So what you have is not a glaucoma, it’s not a severe myopia, but it’s a path marker. As long as you observe it as a disease, you will observe your body that has something wrong or broken. But if you observe it as a communication, you will also observe that your body is perfect because it is the conductor of direct communication with your True Self. It’s the point of view that makes the difference, it’s the attitude that radically changes the earthly reality that you’re experiencing.
You know what I mean?

Difficult though … in the sense that it is obvious that if I “do not see” I feel objectively sick. Thinking as you say, it might even heal, because I’m not sick. Should I see myself not sick?

You should stop wanting to heal. Because you see, your attention and your tension and your gaze are on the disease.

How can I stop wanting to heal? I do not have to think about it.

No. Reality is created through thoughts. When you don’t want to think about something, it’s the moment when you pay more attention to that thing. So what I’m proposing is not to stop thinking, but to look at it another way.
So you don’t see, it’s annoying: certainly yes. But if you know that your not seeing is a call to see Reality, you start seeing Reality. You are Oneness: this is Reality. It is not a philosophical concept, it is not a blissful hope, but it is Reality that allows you to have the earthly experience you are having.
So you are not small, helpless, inadequate but You are Oneness that forms everything. And because You are Oneness that forms everything, in the Infinite Possibilities – because in Oneness there are infinite possibilities – there is a perfectly version of you, who has no glaucoma.
So don’t try to heal but move into life with the firm determination to move into the Infinite Possibility where your ability to see yourself as a Divine Being already exists. You understand: the problem with sight is just saying “you don’t see yourself! You don’t see Who You Really Are!”. So observe yourself, open yourself to the possibility of receiving from the Centre of your Centre the indications to manifest yourself day after day in an increasingly coherent way with respect to your True Nature: this is Reality. Seeing this Reality will move you into an earthly reality consistent with this.
Is that clear to you?

Yes, but I don’t know if I have understood it more on a rational level than …

To “Understand” does not serve you: open your Heart and let yourself be guided by the inner voice. I communicate with you all the time, but you don’t listen, or you only listen for brief moments. And when you listen, although you perceive a state of peace, of well-being, immediately after you tell yourself that “it is not true, that it would be beautiful, but the reality is different”. Reality is what you perceive within yourself.
Do you understand what I mean?

Yes. Therefore, if I perceive myself as sick and lonely, I will be ill and lonely. So …

You create your external reality.

Channeling from the Source session

7 December 2023

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