Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, I & II

12-12 January 2019, Ealing, London

Divine Alignment - Free Conference

16 March 2019, Ealing, London


The essence of healing, which is both physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, implies the release of the obstacles that stand in achieving a balance and the realignment with ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

The disease, as we understand it in the West, is very often what impels us to open our eyes in the journey toward self-discovery and full awareness. The illness requires our attention and therefore represents something that cannot be ignored. The symptoms of a disease are often signals that attract our attention toward unsatisfied needs.

Consequently, paying attention to the signs and symptoms of our body, offers the opportunity to learn something from the disease and to reconnect with our potential of wellbeing.

The essence of my work is to establish the underlying causes of a disease and support the person to bring total balance and integration. In this path, the person becomes increasingly aware of its role in the healing process and the steps that are needed in order to bring harmony and balance.

The different holistic approaches that I offer allow the release of stress and tension, the improvement of the quality of sleep, the reduction/elimination of fears and phobias, and the total realignment with ourselves.


NEW! Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II Classes: Level I, Level II, ART/Master – Following my magnificent experience in Mount Kurana, Japan, and having trained there with William Lee Rand, I am now offering Holy Fire Reiki classes in London.

Please click here to check the next dates of the Holy Fire Reiki courses in London.


Individual sessions

You may know what holistic approach you are looking for or you may just want to have a consultation to discuss what best approach is available to deal with your challenges in life.

The following some of the holistic approaches that I offer (click on each of them to find out more):

I offer One-to One Skype energy sessions no matter where you are in the world — or face-to-face sessions at the following venues:


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17 December 2018, Ealing, London
Reiki Circle London

12-13 January 2019, Ealing, London
Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, I & II

23 February 2019, Ealing, London
Energy Work Essentials Workshop

16 March 2019, Ealing, London
Divine Alignment - Free Conference & Demonstration

My trip to Kurama

In the past years, since I have started my Reiki journey, I have always dreamed of visiting Kurama one day, this being the sacred place where Usui received the gift of Reiki in 1922.  I also had another dream: to take part in a Reiki Master course run by...

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The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation  The Great Invocation is a mantra or prayer given by Alice Ann Bailey in April 1945. Alice Bailey (1880-1949) was born in Manchester, England, and moved to the United States in 1907, where she worked as a writer and teacher. Bailey wrote more than...

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Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind The iceberg is often used as a useful metaphor to understand how the conscious mind and subconscious mind are connected and work together. The iceberg is like the mind: the conscious mind is what we notice above the surface of...

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Reiki Principles

Reiki Principles  The Reiki principles are the focus part of any Reiki training, as they represent a spiritual guidance for any Reiki Practitioner (and also for those who do not practice Reiki). The Reiki Principles hold the key for self healing, as applying them in...

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Grounding Meditation

Grounding  Grounding is a very simple and natural way to connect ourselves back to Earth. We often hear people talking about grounding and telling us to ground ourselves, but why and how do we need to do it? Some of us are more prone than others to live in the clouds,...

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Reiki History

Reiki History The following referenced history of Reiki, written by William Lee Rand founder of the International Centre for Reiki Training, is taken from Reiki, The Healing Touch and has been carefully researched to contain verified information from dependable...

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